I love clouds- hope

Rain clouds that don’t rain

Excited this morning to see rain clouds but they show no sign of dropping their water. The earth and people and animals are all parched and waiting but there is no rain. We are grateful for the hope that a few black clouds bring.

Bougainvillea plant with flowers – still looking green
The yellow Oleander flowers- poisonous plants ? ( memories of pharmacology)
Jasmine flowers
More bougainvillea
I am not sure what this plant is called but it sure does flower throughout the year
Red Hibiscus
Desert Rose – flowering for the first time
The sun shining through the clouds

I love clouds for they give me hope that there might be rain. And when the wind is still and the earth seems waiting, that is the best time of all- and if there is rain, then all our waiting is not in vain. It is more than mid way through April and the black clouds that fleet through our skies are answers to our prayers for rain and a delayed summer.

28 thoughts on “I love clouds- hope

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    I hope rain comes for you soon. Wish you had some of the overabundance of rain we have had here in Arkansas for months. Lovely photos of flowers and skies.

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  2. Timelesslady says:

    Susie, I hope you were able to receive the rain shower and that the clouds produced quite a bit of liquid nourishment for your plants. I also hope you had a lovely Easter.


      1. Timelesslady says:

        Hi Susie, We went to the sunrise service in Northeast, Maryland. We were able to camp at the local state park overnight and get there right on time. I’m glad to hear it is cooler now.


  3. All your flowers look pretty and fresh despite the parched weather you are having. Do they ever impose restrictions on water usage for plants or lawns as was done in California during their long drought?


      1. That is interesting Susie – I never thought to ask you about that before, like the restrictions for California they had in place a few years ago. The rich and famous in California, mostly the movie stars, had water trucked in from other states to fill their pools or hot tubs. And the flooding in Nebraska last month, a fellow blogger lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and said they were on restricted water usage as well. You can use dish water after doing dishes if not greasy – a neighbor of ours did that – her husband did the household “books” and he very grudging would allow her to water the flowers, but suggested she use dishwater or collect water that drained into the laundry tub and reuse it.


      2. Though that sounds disgusting, it seems very good sense in these days of less potable water.
        There were days my grandmother used to collect a big pot of water and use just that to wash her dishes- this was though there was running water in the pipe and all. The old folks were more economical than us. She used to collect rain water and use it for use in the bathrooms and toilets too.

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      3. Our neighbor did this for a long time. They had four kids, one right after the other, she was a stay-at-home mom and he did not make a large amount of money. I say this because she and my mom were close friends and they would discuss at length how times were tough growing up and also early in their marriages. I can’t imagine that is good for the flowers, but, on the other hand, there are several recipes for killing aphids on your plants by using mild dishsoap, so I guess if there was no bleach in it or in the laundry water, it is okay. Some people here collect water in large rain barrels. The water funnels down from the gutters and goes right into the barrel. Then they use it for watering plants. You don’t have enough rain there to make it worth your while to buy a rain barrel, but it is a good idea nonetheless, but you have to put an apparatus inside to keep the mosquitoes at bay since they like stagnant water.

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      1. Susie, I’ve been well. Thank you for asking. Just overly busy with grandkids & life in general.
        On our way to church now, but how are you & your family? (Especially your girls?)


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