Gemini’s thought for today

” Whatever is chased with ferocity runs away with equal fervor. Its when you transform your wildest ambitions into doable aspirations that you realize how much is within your reach.

There are terrific blessings all around you when you stop to smell the roses. A breather allows your perspective to calm, and that can in turn inspire a meaningful redefinition of your goals. Bigger and more aren’t always synonymous with better.

Once your priorities are in order, everything else falls into place .”

I think this thought is so good for me. Getting priorities right. All my life especially after having a family its all been about getting priorities right. Even if one’s dreams don’t come true the way we think they should, there are still roses to smell, there is still sunshine and water and air and life around us.

17 thoughts on “Gemini’s thought for today

  1. Timelesslady says:

    Susie, I needed this wisdom today. It is true, even when I don’t seem to get everything in good order and reach my many goals, there are still roses to smell…even if I have to stand in the midst of the weeds I haven’t had time to pull. In most things I can’t create perfection, but even so I can appreciate what God has made perfect all around me. Great post.

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      1. Timelesslady says:

        That is so true…when it is cold and icy here I long to be in a warmer climate. At that time I would change places with you in a minute!


    1. BC, even the ability to be able to sleep soundly is a blessing- often we don’t see it that way- we think sleeping is a waste of time but when troubles trouble us and sleep evades us, only then does one come to realise that indeed, sleep is a God given gift.

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  2. I am happy to go outside and embrace nature, and find that is the priority in my life, but I am not always “together” with everything else. I try to balance, work, walks, blogging, household duties … I seem to be flying by the seat of my pants more and more … I am not so rigid in setting priorities all the time though and hate myself for it. I am happy to smell the roses and look around – it is waiting for you to take it all in.


      1. I am like that for home/yard anymore Susie. I love the interaction of blogging and up until the last few years it was just my friend Marge (who died in August 2017) and my friend Ann Marie commenting and me doing post. Then I started doing more and more posts with pictures which took up more time, and interacting more. I concentrate on things I like to do like walk, blog, take pictures and am pushing aside other things … but for too many years it was the opposite way – perhaps it is me rebelling now? I don’t know. This morning I had issues with our computer system – just me, not the rest of the computer system, just me. The computer tech has to come to the house tomorrow and he will bring the new laptop as well. Not happy this happened on many levels (as if it was my fault) … I keep myself from biting my tongue but it is difficult. The computer guy had other clients to attend to – I did what I could and now here at WordPress. I may go for a walk tonight since I missed it this morning and it will clear my head – that’s if it does not storm.


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