Sicknesses and healing

We came back from our last trip home with a daughter who was nursing a severe cold. She was achy and was tired- this time around, I had decided to make sure she would get only home remedies to get her out of this bout of illness. I did Magnesium oil and Axe oil rubs for all the aches, hot broths, herbal concoctions made of ginger, spice mixes sweetened with sugar. Four days of constant nursing and she recovered without having to put her through dose of antibiotics, which we are guilty of having put her through multiple times in the past as quick fixes. She was healthy throughout her entire summer vacation until she left for her college, first days of June.

Few days after she developed her infection, both hubby and I started off with sore throats, aches and pains and the depression that comes along when there is a virus going around. I nursed myself to health with vitamin C and cod liver oil and a lot of hot fluids. My husband who has a lot of other diseases, took it bad. His infection went from his throat, down his larynx and to his bronchi and to even his smallest lung lobules, possibly even his alveoli. He has been wheezing and panting and coughing for three weeks now. I had to buy a nebulizer so he could get a whiff of bronchodilator drugs when he felt he couldn’t breathe anymore.

Many of the drugs my husband is on- they produce more side effects than the actual effect the drug is supposed to bring about. For example, his blood pressure medications often have no effect on his blood pressure but a lot of effect on other body functions- his sugar is often high and he needs to be on blood sugar controlling medications too. Compound all of these illnesses with his current illness which left him literally gasping for air. The nebulised salbutamol caused him palpitations and even worse symptoms than before. It didn’t help at all that the weather is so hot that the Air conditioners need to run full time- the cold air contracts his bronchi even more and he is symptomatically worse in a room cooled with air conditioned air. Having a very furry, hairy cat at home doesn’t seem to help too.

Till yesterday morning,after another night of harsh wheezes and coughs, I had had enough. I prayed fervently for respite and help. There was nothing our Lord couldn’t do, right? So I prayed. It was 5 in the morning and bright daylight outside. I had reached the end of my tether. It struck me that maybe I need to get a humidifier and switch off the ACs in our house. My supervisor had a mold allergy and had bought a humidifier a couple of years ago. I asked my husband and he said, ok, lets go to a 24 hour pharmacy and see if we can buy a humidifier.

We drove to the nearby pharmacy and in the car, my husband said he felt a lot better. I was thinking of taking him out for a drive and away from the air at home. On the way, we stopped at the pharmacy and got a air cleaner cum humidifier. It was rather costly- more than 300 $. My husband vetoed the idea of the drive and we decided to go back home and try the humidified cum air washer. A few minutes after we filled it up with water and put it on, my husband went off to sleep- he slept like a baby- he hadn’t had a full night’s sleep since he started off this infection. Four hours later, he woke up refreshed, and his lungs feeling a lot better. Another nap in the afternoon, post lunch and he says he feels even more well.

Sometimes, we try to do the time tested things- antibiotics, cough syrups everything, and nothing works. Then we pray and pray hard and a brain wave hits us. And that is the miracle we have been praying for. I believe we got the idea of the humidifier and the air quality being poor at home because we decided we could not do anything more – we should have handed things over to the Great Physician sooner- but we humans have a habit of bungling along, thinking we know it all and liking to be hands on- a knock on the head is what we require often to make things fall into perspective.

My husband is so much better he has taken off on a trip to Singapore to attend a conference. I can’t believe this is the same man, who was gasping for breath, yesterday morning.

18 thoughts on “Sicknesses and healing

      1. peggyjoan42 says:

        Had an experience with a virus and my hubby with COPD not long ago – it was a scary situation. Praying for you and your husband.


      2. Thank you, it is scary- seeing someone struggling for breath, even when I have seen cases like this a lot of times is scary but reminders of how little control we have of things.

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  1. Thank goodness your prayers worked and the revelation of obtaining the humidifier to assist your husband’s breathing – and now he is off to a conference feeling “fit as a fiddle” … feeling powerless to help our loved ones when they suffer is the worse feeling in the world. It is how I frequently felt with my mom’s various ailments the last year or so of her life. You rest up Susie – this ordeal with your mother-in-law, then your daughter and your husband has taken a lot out of you I’m sure.


  2. So glad to hear your husband is doing better. It is wonderful…prayer. I don’t know that we realize how much power there is when we petition the Heavenly Father. So grateful for your brain wave Susie!


    1. I am so glad you shared your healing stories. I find that I am hesitant to share stories of miracles and healing in my life because I am a “thinking” person and often try to rationalize stuff. I am getting to realize there are a lot of things out of our control and rationality.

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