I just cleaned my Mac

Having time with nothing to do is a luxury I get quite often and enjoy too. Especially if I can share that time with just my animals and plants.

Today I cleaned my Mac and I feel relieved that a lot of junk has gone away. Perhaps my computer will work better for the clean.

I have been debating whether to pursue my dreams or not. All the naysayers tell me it is too late- I am 50( just a week more to go to reach my half century mark) and what is the point of doing this degree. On the resources side, everything seems to be in place but as the years go by, I am losing my confidence in my ability to do this. Not actually do it but the fact that I may invest all this money, only to have to abandon the course half or some way through. Is it worth it ? Should I even invest in this?

My supervisor doesn’t believe I will leave. She doesn’t think that a midlife woman would quit a very lucrative job for a journey that can only be termed a ” leap of faith”. Like last year, she thinks I will come back to the job and start over and not pursue my education. Well, I don’t know about that but I know the dream is still inside me and is burning ferociously inside of me. Sometimes I think I will do it when I am 70, if that is the last thing I will do in my life.

My family thinks I need to concentrate on my children and their lives rather than pursue my dreams.

I think I need to give my life a new Clean just like my computer and maybe my life will move ahead better.

Have you ever felt your life is at a standstill and there is still something God expects you to do in life but you can’t do it because of all the materialistic things that pull you down ? I can truly understand now what the Bible meant when it says” The truth will set you free. Faith will set you free.” I think it means that when you truly believe, you can clean your life up and be free of all the attachments that draw you down or make you put down roots where you don’t want them to grow.