I just cleaned my Mac

Having time with nothing to do is a luxury I get quite often and enjoy too. Especially if I can share that time with just my animals and plants.

Today I cleaned my Mac and I feel relieved that a lot of junk has gone away. Perhaps my computer will work better for the clean.

I have been debating whether to pursue my dreams or not. All the naysayers tell me it is too late- I am 50( just a week more to go to reach my half century mark) and what is the point of doing this degree. On the resources side, everything seems to be in place but as the years go by, I am losing my confidence in my ability to do this. Not actually do it but the fact that I may invest all this money, only to have to abandon the course half or some way through. Is it worth it ? Should I even invest in this?

My supervisor doesn’t believe I will leave. She doesn’t think that a midlife woman would quit a very lucrative job for a journey that can only be termed a ” leap of faith”. Like last year, she thinks I will come back to the job and start over and not pursue my education. Well, I don’t know about that but I know the dream is still inside me and is burning ferociously inside of me. Sometimes I think I will do it when I am 70, if that is the last thing I will do in my life.

My family thinks I need to concentrate on my children and their lives rather than pursue my dreams.

I think I need to give my life a new Clean just like my computer and maybe my life will move ahead better.

Have you ever felt your life is at a standstill and there is still something God expects you to do in life but you can’t do it because of all the materialistic things that pull you down ? I can truly understand now what the Bible meant when it says” The truth will set you free. Faith will set you free.” I think it means that when you truly believe, you can clean your life up and be free of all the attachments that draw you down or make you put down roots where you don’t want them to grow.

29 thoughts on “I just cleaned my Mac

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    Hope whatever decisions you make for your life work out the way you wish. I pursued writing as I got into my 60s and have written 3 books. One published and 2 waiting to be published. Will probably never be famous – but I enjoyed the experience very much. Good luck on your dreams.

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      1. peggyjoan42 says:

        My granddaughter helped me publish my first book about being a caregiver to my brother with dementia for 3 years. A sad time for me. We published on Amazon. My daughter is suppose to help me publish my novel this Fall. I got so engrossed in my two fiction novels I felt I was living in another world. Ha Love writing.


      2. peggyjoan42 says:

        My book is titled “Dementia’s Altered Reality” by Peggy Rout. They sell paperbacks and E-books on Amazon. It’s a good place to have a book published. Amazon gives you a copyright and they take a certain percent of your sales when they publish your book.

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  2. It’s NEVER too late to pursue dreams. I went back to college at age 24 to get my associate’s degree, went back again at 30 to get my bachelor’s, and then a master’s degree at age 47. For both my bachelor’s and master’s, I hung onto my job and took classes one at a time. It was well worth it. I made a drastic midlife career change and have never regretted it. (I’m now 63.)


  3. I think you should pursue your dreams, continue with the higher education and see where it leads. Otherwise you will always have “what if’s” running through your mind?


  4. My opinion- you have raised your daughters. Go for what YOUR dream is!!
    You can do!! My Mama received her BA at age 60!! You have plenty of life left- Live it!
    Love, Lucy


  5. My dad always tells us that we need to live while we are alive. I take that to mean pursue the dream…don’t just let life happen to you. Enjoy the abilities that God has gifted you with. There is a story in the Bible of the talents…..God wants us to use them….not pack them away and hide them. I will be praying for you Susie.


    1. I love the talents story and that is exactly what I feel like. One day I will be called to account for everything that has been given to me and at that time, I don’t want to be like the last man. I have a musical talent too- I have never used it except to sing loud in church when I go. I feel bad about not being able to use it but hopefully I will get chances. I feel in my stove, the front burners are for my family- husband, kids, parents, in laws- where is my stove burner in the middle of all these burners burning at the same time. I need to look for my own burner and cook my pot along with my Master Chef.

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  6. Timelesslady says:

    Dreams are often the first signpost we see to what can become reality…I think your dreams will lead you to what you are meant to do Susie. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to visit the blogs of my friends as often as usual. I am just becoming better at using the second computer in our house. I used it in the past, but now I’m so familiar with the laptop. It’s been a bit tricky to begin writing with a different keyboard again. Hopefully, a computer shop can get my laptop up and running again. Kathy


      1. Timelesslady says:

        I have many…mostly about creating. Someday, when everyone is older, we would like to live near water…ocean or bay we love them both. When I am in salty air I feel very good. It is something about the positive ions in the air…at least that is what I’ve read. Someday I would like to travel a bit more. We love going to places with warm water and temperatures. Thanks for asking Susie. Even at near 62, I still have many dreams and hopes.


  7. My dear I understand. I still believe I am led very passionately to do something else-I am 60! The truthis, if we do not pursue what our heart burns to do-then we will NOT hold the dream. If we try and are not successful, then we will not as well-but who knows, we may. If we do not take the chance, then the future is certainly void of our passion.. I will pray for you. love Michele


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