Recognizing God’s Goodness

This morning I was led to read Daniel 4. Over the past few days, I have been reading of King Nebuchad-Nazer and the various instances where God worked in the kingdom through Daniel. In Chapter 4, King N.Nazer decided to praise himself for the glory that was Babylon. He had been blessed because he had recognized the “mightiness of God’s wonders” and that God’s kingdom endures from generation to generation. Somewhere along the way, he came to think everything was because of his own greatness. And as the old proverb says- pride comes before a fall.

I have had instances like this in my life. Everyday driving to work is an ordeal for me- it is a good 45 minutes drive on a working day to my university. Sometimes I become so complacent and proud and think I drive to work because I am skillful at driving- that I can handle the gears and the car well- I forget that the engine can overheat anywhere on the highway and I can be stranded by the road in the extreme heat. I forget that I often don’t have my mobile phone with me and might have to depend on the kindness of strangers to call for help to get me out of there. Recently I started thinking how my driving had improved and I had become quite proficient in handling the reckless desert traffic, where everyone is in a rush to get out of the heat and into the comfort of an office building. I thank God that I was led to this passage, to remember and thank God that he keeps me safe and that he shows me how to drive and keeps the car cooled when it could easily have stalled and when the road I usually take to my university was closed for huge repairs and with no access road to access my university, he took me to another road, which was even better than my set path which I had been driving on for at least three years now.

Not by my cleverness or intelligence Lord, but by your grace and mercy.

10 thoughts on “Recognizing God’s Goodness

  1. Driving is not for the feint of heart most of the time anymore Susie. I don’t envy you driving in the extreme heat which makes things worse … you or the car could get overheated and get into a dangerous situation. Thank goodness you have God and a guardian angel on your side.


    1. I feel every time I start feeling in my mind pride in my being a good driver, I get into a scrape and sometimes even an accident. Even a simple act like driving needs God’s grace that we don’t kill someone along with ourselves.

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      1. I am a too-cautious and apprehensive driver Susie and that is because I took the bus for years and years … I worked in downtown Detroit and the bus was at the foot of my street and dropped me off at the door. I even took the bus the last two years of school as it was in downtown Detroit. I never sharpened my driving skills for driving on the expressway nor in snow. I make no apologies and just confess I don’t like doing these things … if people want to snicker behind my back, so be it, but driving in heavy traffic just unnerves me. We have drivers here that are reckless and speed and text and they kill innocent drivers and their passengers … it just happened a mile from me last week. The driver was not killed, not a scratch, but the innocent driver he hit had his car totalled and is now fighting for his life – speeding 25 miles (40 kilometers) over the speed limit.

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