A happy ending

Every day Friend Kat walks her three dogs. She noticed a dog in an old abandoned field, that seemed alone and as if no one cared for him. She has no place at home for another dog- she has three of her own- Pepper, Elsie and Max. But every day the face of that dog haunted her when she went home.

The dog

Few days later, her housemate, seeing how upset she was on her return from her doggy walks, brought the fellow home- they had no space for another fellow but they decided to keep him in their yard and give him water and food till they found a home for him. See the apprehensive look on his face.

She sent messages to all her friends and others she knew and finally when no appropriate response came, she posted on groups, that they would have to return the dog to the field where they found him.

Thjs is where they found him and where he would have to go back

One woman wrote back” stop him”- just that- two words-“stop him”. She said “I can keep him for exactly three days while you find a home for him”.

Kat and her housemate drove Flash( as they named him) to the woman’s house- she already had two rescue dogs at home and was willing to open her home to a third dog temporarily. Kat searched high and low for another family that would take this dog.

Meanwhile he made friends with his new doggie mates.

It has now been six weeks since he has been with this new family. The woman didn’t give him up after three days. She got him checked by the vet. He enjoyed being inside than out in the heat.

The vet gave him a clear certificate- all good.

I am good and I can stay!!

Now he is on his way to the US with the woman to his forever home.

Isn’t that a happy ending?