Storms and flash floods

The weather changed suddenly. It was hot yesterday and by evening we had rains- continuous rains and a flash flood warning was issued. Coming from a desert country, a new experience for me.

I had no umbrella so every trip outside brought me in contact with the rain water. There is no more exhilarating experience than the feel of fresh water drops on your face while outside. I love the rain. We people of the tropics love our rain. But of course, if the temperatures drop with rain, that is another story.

Another hot day tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Storms and flash floods

  1. Timelesslady says:

    Hi Susie, We saw on the news tonight that there were two tornadoes near the Cape Cod area. I hope your weather was a little better in New Haven. Warm rain is fun to walk around in. I also like to sit on my back porch swing on some of the days it rains and watch the raindrops fall. There will be plenty more rain during this year. I hope you find a big, beautiful umbrella to use. I can just imagine you walking beneath the arch of it’s spokes smiling during the rain. That imaginary image makes me smile!


    1. Kathy, you are really blessed- you can smile at the drop of a hat. And tears flow too easy too. I love the rain- I didn;t get an umbrella yet, i hope to bring one back from home when I go next month.

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  2. You will have weather for every season in the next year – it will all be an incredible experience coming from an arid country. This is not normal weather though – it is all part of this horrid climate change, and I just cringe when I see what it going on in Europe, which is ill-equipped to handle such heat waves.


      1. Yes, some stores especially have their A/C turned to a very cold temp. I have mine temp in the house at 76F (24C) all year around except I put it to 75 during that heat spell last week and 77 in the Winter during extreme cold. The freeon that is used in air conditioner units nowadays is different from years ago. My mom kept the house at 76 or 75 in the Summer and it was like a freezer in here. I walked around in sweatsuits and it got so cold that I went outside to warm up.
        The new type of freeon is not the same – I am comfortable nut not freezing cold like before.


  3. I am so behind on reading Susie!! We have been on vacation with our kids and grandkids so I am trying to catch up on everything.
    I am with you….I love a soft gentle rain. Storms are another matter.


    1. I think I love all rain- I think God speaks to us directly through rain.
      Hope your vacations were good. How is your health?
      I hope to talk to you sometime now that I am here.


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