Saturday weekend at the university

Today I woke up late- around 6:30 am- didn’t even remember when I had fallen asleep last night. Must have been tired out and stress free.

Did my weekly shopping today. Have run out of clothes to wear as I have not been able to wash my clothes for some time now. I don’t know how to operate the graduate housing washing machine with a credit card. And there is no one around to ask. My neighbours seem all on summer vacation just like my house owner.

So I am waiting to move to the new place to use a washing machine. Given conditions of the graduate housing rules, I need to move out of the current space by the first of August after which I will get my semi- permanent place to stay. There, I hope I will be able to figure out the washing machines.

I bought some salt and a pair of bulbs today- one of the bulbs of the table lamp in this house blew out. But I forgot to unload it from my bad and was in a rush to get into the weekend shuttle that I decided to leave the salt and the bulbs outside the apartment in the sort of shade of some bushes. I came back a few hours later to find the salt in place but the bulbs gone. In its place is a huge carton of paper towels.

In the beginning I was upset but then came to see the funny side of this- someone thought I was donating bulbs because I left it outside and went away with them- well, their need must have been bigger than mine.

This week is fraught with tests and assignments. The tutor has told us that the test though open book, will be marked ” not so leniently”.

Every one of the students is working hard to pass. I am not sure of where I stand but I am trying.

7 thoughts on “Saturday weekend at the university

  1. You seem to be in a rather strange world right now. Grandson Nathaniel had a problem with washing machines, too. He didn’t have a credit card when he first moved in the dorm, so he paid a roommate in cash to use the roommate’s card until he got one. I hope your living arrangements smooth out soon. Good luck on the upcoming test.


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