Weekend chores and a message

I moved places on the 30th of July- into a dorm. It is quite a nice room with a wonderful view of the city – I can even see the hills around and the golden spire of some distant church.

Friday evening seems to be the time everyone enjoys the most here- there are people on the streets until late. The police sirens rage loud and clear through the night. It feels safe to know the city is in good hands.

Finally figured out how to use the bank card to pay the washing machine and dryer charges- turned out to be quite simple. The card has a magnetic line and that needed to point to the left on the machine- who knew? So I got my laundry done.

Saturday – was a difficult day for me- as everything shuts down here on Saturday. I spent the morning doing my homework( yes, homework at 50) and part of the morning submitting my homework( the department can be opened at all hours, provided we have the appropriate security cards). Later, I realised I hadn’t eaten and there wasn’t an ounce of food at home- to eat animal crackers from Walgreen’s didn’t seem very appetizing. I wanted hot, and spicy food- preferably rice. And there wasn’t any place nearby I could find it. Finally went to a place where they sold ” artisan” food- and ate a breakfast sandwich for lunch. I think artisan means made from scratch. I went to the old library in the old campus and managed to get enough books to last the weekend for light reading. I have been reading ever since – so nothing much got done the rest of the weekend. The library is open only till 10 pm on weekends so that was another dampener. I called my husband a million times and there was no answer since 12 noon. Very worried by midnight ( dawn where he is)- finally he picks up the phone at 6 am his time and answers very sleepily- seems he had had a refreshing and deep sleep and didn’t see my calls. It was a worrying time. My husband doesn’t keep well and is always afraid that he will be taken sick in the middle of the night. When he didn’t answer the calls, I thought perhaps he was indeed in hospital. Distance doesn’t make it any easy when a loved one is in trouble.

Sunday morning- decided to go to the store and get some food. There was no point trying to save money when one is hungry. So spent around 75$ on food, hoping it will last for about two weeks, till I travel home.

The process of moving homes was rather difficult. It is amazing how much of stuff we collect even in a month- needed or unnecessary.

Really the text of today’s church message( yes, I attended a Methodist service today) was from Luke 12:16-21, where the man thinks he needs to build bigger and bigger buildings to store his surplus stuff, not knowing that that day was his last day on earth- a timely reminder for people like me who are habituated to buying stuff I don’t really need when someone around me might need it more.