The lost rings

About a week into my vacation, I was in my married home at Kottayam. We had a family function and a couple of family events to attend. As the situation at home is precarious and it seems prudent to remove all valuables from our home in case of an unplanned evacuation, I brought a as much of my jewellery home that I could wear on my self. Included in this were three rings bought at different stages of my life in the past 15 years.

Added to my gold wedding band, I was wearing four rings on one ring finger.:)

On Sunday we had the family function after which there were some events that took a lot of our time. The time found me fingering the rings because they had gradually gotten tight over my finger, till I needed to remove at least two of them to give the finger breathing space.

I put them into the outside pocket of my handbag- with the hope of putting the rings on after the swelling of my fingers had reduced. Jet lag took over and I went into the land of Nod. I remember distinctly putting my hands into the handbag pocket and feeling the sharp edges of the rings. Reassured I went back to sleep leaving them there.

The next morning we drove to Kochi. Amidst the pouring rain, I ran my fingers down the pocket of the handbag. To my horror, both the rings were missing- absent- gone.

A 25th wedding anniversary ring is no small deal for people like me. It cost us a pretty penny plus it was a remembrance of hard times and how we came through them.

The other ring was my engagement ring. 27 years back when we set off on this journey, this was the ring that was put on my finger.

Both ” gone with the wind” so to say. I could not say a word to my husband knowing what would ensue- I had to find it on my own. I searched the car and my apartment at Kochi where I had been two days back( unlikely to be there, since I had removed the rings off my finger in Kottayam.

We returned to Kottayam and I kept searching for the lost rings- in the bedrooms, under mattresses, bed sheets, asking people who went in and out of our bedrooms- no one knew anything about it. Added to this were additional issues at home- I reached a stage of ” do not care less” though I wished the rings would come back.

Three days later I was again on the same car, travelling to another place. As a last resort I slipped my fingers through the seat of the car- it was an SUV with bucket seats. Wonder of wonders, I found my engagement ring. Unable to believe my luck, that no one else had found it or taken it, I decided to search the car thoroughly for the solitaire ring. When we could stop the car, the driver helped me remove the bucket seat and lo and behold, the solitaire sat there- alone in all her glory, unaware of the pain she had given her owner.

Both rings back and without a soul knowing about it, I sent a silent prayer to God thanking him for his great mercy.