A day of apple picking

Saturday, the 21st of September, dawned nice and bright. It was a day for apple picking or so I was told- the leaves would be just turning they said and perhaps a cool breeze blowing.

In the midst of a lot of homework, I ran to the Phelps Gate from where our expedition was scheduled to start. Supposed to start by 9:15, I just about managed to reach the place before time. When you want it there was no shuttle to be seen and so my journey to the Gate was on foot. Clocking valuable steps on the watch, I did my bit.

A few willing drivers with cars were waiting all ready to take us to the Apple orchards.

All set- with apples in the background

I have never seen apple trees up close so this was a first experience for me.

A 30 minute car drive to the orchards and we were there.

A tree with very few applies, perhaps they’d already been picked.
Little Apples ? – No one knew what they were- until I asked if they might be crab apples-

Reading people’s blogs helped me identify these little ones- so like baby apples.

Honey crisp tree- just for the record
My bag of apples
The orchard in the mountains
The ” Apple” store
The crowds at the Apple store