Recycling, Reusing & Reducing( not yet)

Part of my student curriculum is to do a project and my project is on Environmental Justice or I should say- environmental injustice. The story of how I got to this project is uninteresting but it all seems pre- planned. I knew I had to do a project for the Fall Semester and I didn’t know how to go about getting a project. And while I was at home during my 2-week vacation, I got an email asking us students to apply to Climate Change projects if we wished, and I did( not knowing any better) and got it.

Now I know better- about environmental justice I mean. I knew nothing when I started- either that or I am a slow learner or have not been keeping abreast of climate issues while at home- which is totally plausible. A research administrator does not often think of the environment.

A recycled student

Everyone here at the University is up in arms about every climate and environment issue. The bug has bitten me too now. During my team meetings, I used to show up as a dud, knowing nothing but now I do know something. I know about environmental injustice being closely connected to race issues and human rights issues and the protests that took place in North Carolina that spearheaded the current movement.?? And the CalEnvirscreening tool and the Washington State Environmental Justice Screening tool and so much more. I am still learning so I probably have not understood things exactly as they are.

Every time there is an event here, they serve food and graduate students turn up there in droves. And priority is given to those students who bring their own utensils and cutlery- they are served first. The first of these meetings I attended, I got to the food table last- after most of the tasty morsels had disappeared. Graduate students do get hungry and where there is free food, there they are. It is funny to see students with their plastic containers collecting food and eating from them- it is a good move I think and one which everyone should emulate. I haven’t still gotten to carry around my own lunch box but eventually I will- I feel embarrassed to tell the truth. That’s why the title of my post says- reducing( not yet).

The Medical Library where I sit for a long time every day, has a campaign going on about how old timers in the US were pioneers- not just in clearing lands and establishing themselves but also in recycling. There are posters from olden times here that show how Iowans ( did I get that right)- were adept at recycling. Here are a few pictures from those days, that I photographed.

Love the messages and the couple in these pictures. This post is dedicated to my friend – The Chicken Grandma– who has inspired me to write this post- Faye, this post is for you.

4 thoughts on “Recycling, Reusing & Reducing( not yet)

  1. Wow – your life has changed around completely in a matter of months Susie. I think it is amazing that you are able to make this big change in your life and I know that I could not do such a challenge, so you have my admiration.


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