Photo voice

A task assigned for us students was to find areas that reflected social support in our school and make those things speak out – in a good way or inadequate way- so the powers- that- be will notice and do something about them- after all, we are a public health school.

Some of the pictures taken were

The Green Walls in the school representing fruition and success
An isolated student – maybe representing loneliness
Tables for eating out- areas for socializing
Food Trucks – representing areas of Food Insecurity-
Cold and Rains and homeless

17 thoughts on “Photo voice

    1. Hi Lucy, Its ok, going on- it is quite limiting and not liberating as I thought it would be. I thought when I came to the US, I came to a country where one could learn with a free mind but learning here comes at a cost- that is – don’t question- don’t ask questions. There are very few teachers that encourage questions and that hinders learning. I am disappointed because I came to learn from asking questions and learning.

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    1. BC, I am going yes, and so looking forward to it. I am saying this respectfully but this term has exhausted me- the environmental justice project has pushed me to the limits. Please pray that I can hold on till the holidays.

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      1. That is a good question Susie and I bet I could find out if I knew the dimensions – the reason I say that is because in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, they have a forest of hardwood and they are the primo place that makes basketball courts for the National Basketball Association or for special events like the college basketball championship finals. In this small story, you’ll see that it takes 30 trees to make a basketball court:


  1. So good to see a post from you again Susie. I will be praying for your school. I read your comment that you felt limited in asking questions. That to me would be so odd as I learn by asking questions. I, also, would have thought that professors would gladly welcome questions and students who seek to learn more and are listening enough to ask about things. That is so different from the colleges and universities in our area of the country.

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  2. Faye, Me too, I am so glad you agree, I always thought America is a country that encouraged the questioning mind- but it looks to me that professors here, believe in letting sleeping dogs lie and conforming to the norm and basically opt for “less trouble”. Answering questions would require research, or guts to say , you don’t know or even to say, let me look it up and get back to you.
    I loved your post, Faye on change and the chicken.


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