Hairy happy tales

When I first came here, I started losing hair – I thought about it and attributed it to my erratic diet – started consciously increasing my vegetable and fruit intake and hair fall stopped. Now as a bonus, my stunted hair( stunted for about 15 years while in the Middle East) has grown amazingly.

I now have hair about three inches below my shoulder and I can’t say what it is – is it the water or is it the air or is it just my college ?

10 thoughts on “Hairy happy tales

      1. Love the picture of the white cat! It was good, but a sad week before, a death in the family. The week after my mom’s 95th birthday. She is doing very well. I hope you are doing well also. Yes, I will email. Thank you, Susie.


      2. Debbie,
        I am so happy to hear you are ok- and holding up- you are a courageous woman- I love hearing from you- you stand up for what you think is right and for your friends. God is with you- keep smiling, my friend.
        Praying for you,

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