Winter and Home

I just reached home- my home-where I can potter around and do my own thing- where I can look into my pot and see what is cooking and there are no limits to cooking time- and I have my own bathroom and tub- oh, bliss !!

I have brought with me three project related work and one test work to be completed- hope to get all done before the 18th.

It is cold here but not as cold as in the US- the flight was cramped and overfull of people using my port as a “gateway to the world”. Sitting cramped for 16 hours is serious business- now to deal with the jet lag.

6 thoughts on “Winter and Home

  1. I like it when I know my friends ,and family, are home safe from a long flight. My son came in last week from his” 28 days out” through the Paris airport that had trouble recently. This Mom likes for eveyone to be home safe.


  2. Enjoy your respite from school and a bathroom, kitchen, pot and all the good things that come from being in your own place. Have some milk and honey to fall asleep Susie. Glad you made it home safely.


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