Days leading up to Christmas

In the days leading up to Christmas, the whole two weeks I have been home seem to be gone in a haze and a whizz. Till the 18th was spent in getting all homework done, and submitted. The 19th was spent in truly trying to get over my jet lag- felt like a hibernating squirrel at this time, just waking up when I was hungry, eating something and back to sleep- the only difference being I was awake most of the night.( as I am now )

The 21st, my family came back- they had been to conferences and college and came back all together. We cleaned up the store room and threw out a lot of stuff- we called it spring cleaning but in fact it was a pre-Christmas cleaning out- found out a lot of stuff we didn’t know existed and got some of our act together( daughter and I).

The 22nd, was a Sunday and a work day here, so my husband went to work and my daughter and I indulged in more jet lagged sleep. The jet lag is now 11 days old. Even Melatonin does not seem to work. I am destined to keep the US time clock in my body rhythms it seems.

The 23rd, the Monday, we again jet lagged slept and did some indulgent cooking, one of which was making a sort of gooseberry wine, jam, healthy thing – my daughter has a severe bronchitic cough and I figured the Vitamin C couldn’t hurt. We went to the Metro station today to catch a ride to a seasonal market which only opens in the Winter. We brought back a lot of fresh vegetables and made a salad.

It feels good to eat and cook with freedom again. And makes me thankful for every day I get to cook in my own kitchen, until the next change comes.

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