Travel update

The trip back home was rather uneventful. The only things that went wrong were that I could not fit in things into my sling bag that I intended to carry as carry on luggage and had to change to my big handbag at the last moment. In the process a couple of my spectacles and my mobile phone ( local number) got left behind. My husband dropped me at the airport and I went along confidently to do my check in. There I found that I was not a “Gold” passenger as I expected with all the frequent trans Atlantic flights but an ordinary one. Spirits dampened a bit, walked to the Gate where the Boston flights were scheduled to take off from, only to find about an hour later that the gate had changed. Had to run to the new gate and the queue there was to be seen to be believed. I was swabbed, examined and submitted to a thorough examination like a harbinger of microbes and sent to the check in gate. There an announcement on the public system greeted me that I needed to contact ground staff. Duly reported to ground staff and found my husband had alerted them that I had left my phone behind- he didn’t know I had a separate phone with my US number with me and it was only the local number phone I had left behind. The ground staff verified with me that I had a phone and said pass on- never mind the announcement and so I went on. Altogether disgruntled by this time, I did not think of asking for a local number to let my husband know I was ok and had a phone.

With all the tensions before the trip about flight routes over disputed and unsafe territories, we managed to fly relatively uninterrupted over the Persian Bay and entered land over Basra in Iraq- a totally new flight route for me. The long 15 hour trans- Atlantic flight took me to Boston a full one hour later than scheduled. A mad scramble followed to catch the Silverline to the South Station bus terminal for my onward journey.

Reached the bus terminal around 4:30 pm with an hour to spare before my bus ride to the college. Waiting for the bus, I encountered a person whose position seemed even worse than mine. By this time, I had activated my cellular network for the US phone and was able to let near and dear ones that I was ok and had reached terra firma safe and sound.

The lady who seemed to have a huge amount of baggage said her phone had cracked and she had no way to contact her father who was supposed to pick her up- she seemed about my age. I allowed her use of my phone, after which she proceeded to call up a number and lambast whoever was at the other end in a loud voice asking them to pick her up as she had no money. The person on the other end, hung up. Then she asked me to dial another number and contact someone else. By this time, I had a call from my husband and so moved away from all the noise and bustle to explain my stand to him.

The bus came by at 5:30 and we reached the Union Station in two hours flat- there was a half hour wait before I got on the College shuttle to get to my room. Did I mention that we had to return back home to pick up my college ID and room key which I had left behind at home – so I could open my door and rest my feet after a full 24 hour on the move.

15 thoughts on “Travel update

  1. I enjoyed hearing about the woman and your phone. I have had that happen to me and it has been awkward. Sounds like a trip! I always appreciated when I was an instructor overseas that I was met eventually at the airport and things went ok.


  2. You might have been sitting most of the time with nowhere to go on your long flight, but I can still understand your exhaustion. Did you follow through with the original plan of staying on Massachusetts time to help with your jet lag once you returned again?


      1. You were smart to adhere to that idea so you would not have a difficult time returning to school, much to the detriment of enjoying your time home though and unfortunately you had to finish up some school stuff at the beginning of your home time as well. You will have enough to deal with this snowstorm – there are 200 million people who will be dealing with this storm this weekend – the Northeast states are included and unfortunately Massachusetts is included I would think. Is that Accuweather link working okay for you? We are going to get 3-5 inches of snow on Friday into Saturday – not a fan of that forecast.


      2. Accuweather works off and on- it goes off some days- wonder why. I am sorry I didn’t respond about that earlier.
        Everyone here is saying – is it climate change ?
        I am saying – is it Susie change- did the desert inhabitant bring hot weather with her to the North East or did nature decide to give her a weather break, considering she is here only for a year ?

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      3. Ha ha – I’m thinking climate change as I follow a really good meteorologist and he is renowned for his work in the area of climate change – in fact, he is at a convention right now they are holding in Boston for the American Meteorological Association. He is always talking about climate change and what humans have done to create it and make it worse.

        I asked you about Accuweather as I thought maybe it went to SPAM for some reason. There is another site I follow called Weather Underground and it is associated with the Weather Channel, but I prefer Accuweather. You have Accuweather on your phone I guess, not checking it on a computer? I don’t have a smartphone – I am a dinosaur.

        Here is the Weather Underground site if you want to try it – it is much more comprehensive and has a lot of stats and when we get the big snow, you can impress your family with how many inches of snow you dealt with – now it is up to 4-7 for us, but rain in the afternoon and very gusty winds. I wish it was over – it is all over the news. The. Only. Thing. On. The. News.
        It looks like you’re only getting 2.5 inches of snow!


      4. It is actually – 8 C this morning – so I turned my space heater on. But a very sunny day full of classes- having gotten used to a three day weekend here, now Friday is a revelation- a harbinger of a difficult term ahead.

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      5. Wow – it is that warm there – I just converted it. Now we had that weather earlier in the week, but today it was very cold – 20 F (-6 C) and I don’t remember the windchill but I could sure feel it. I fed all the peanut pals as once we get this storm tonight, I likely won’t be back for a little while (unless it warms up and I am surprised … we are to get to 40 and some rain after the snowstorm, so who knows?) Sorry to hear it will be a difficult term – you are off for the MLK holiday I’m guessing, or already have reading or other assignments?


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