Spring 2020

First day of class on Monday, January 13, 2020.

Shopping period going on- a little better equipped than when I was during the Fall term during the Shopping Window. We look around, we attend classes, and we choose the classes we need to attend to get the remaining 6 credits towards the Masters Degree.

Attended a Survival Analysis class by one of my favourite Biostatistics teachers ever. It was great to be in her class- this class coincided with one other class which I wanted to take on “Surveillance”. So I opted to do the Survival analysis class as an auditor but it turns out I cannot do that as the mandated class and the audited class are held at exactly the same times . Why would they do that ? After the Survival Analysis class I ran to a mandated class on Applied methods in Biostatistics by one of my not so favorite professors- turned out to be awful- a lot of rules and cannot dos.

I did not enjoy that class but since it was mandated for all MPH students, the auditorium was overfull.

Tuesday saw me attending a class on Outbreak investigation- this is an essential thing for a person belonging to a South East Asian country where newer epidemics arise almost every day- the class was on the Spanish Influenza of 1918 and the history of it- as a history buff, I love public health classes with an over dose of history. This class was taken by experts from the state public health department. Wonderful hearing of all their experiences- a warning was put out to watch for a new Corona virus probably with pandemic potential just now originating in China. This class was followed by another mandated class on ” Newer threats”. There is no way one can get out of this class. It has to be attended to be believed- that such a class is possible- it is one of a kind- last Semester I had a mandated health policy class but this one far outweighs that class in the extraordinary genre. And it is mandatory. Who knows what the future holds for this class for me. Sigh !!

Today’s first class is on Surveillance- I am waiting to attend this to see where it goes. No one can say anything about any class here- each has its own features to say the least- one cannot go by the title or the teacher’s name or nature or bio- each class is a lived experience. No one can predict where it will go.