Rainy February

When I came here last year, I fully expected to get snowed in from December to April. Whether it is that a desert wind blew here or something else, we have had very few days of snowy weather here, even in December, even in January and now, even in February.

It has rained more than it has snowed- of course, the rain is better than the snow to walk in- of course a student has to always walk- the walks are inevitable.

This term has been a lot more relaxing for me, perhaps because I found my niche or groove. I have time to read other books. Regular class requires no books as most readings are online and from journal articles.

16 thoughts on “Rainy February

  1. And I warned you about ensuring you had the proper outerwear for all the snow that would be arriving – this is an oddball year for weather. We are slated for 3-6 inches of snow which will begin tonight and last most of tomorrow – light fluffy snow, so hopefully you might get some of this on Friday (usually is a day later than our forecast).


      1. Well our snow fizzled out (not that I mind) but we got about an inch and it is going to 7F (-13C) tonight so it will be very slick for walking tomorrow – that’s too bad. Our forecasters are not very accurate – they all predicted a 3-6 inch snowfall last night/early today.


      2. Everyone’s predictions are going wrong- first they said, expect a very cold winter and so I prepared myself with all the woolen clothes and shoes I will never use again( probably)- and then they said, it would snow and snow- and there was no snow. Then they said someone called Bolton had conclusive evidence and then nothing.
        I am not sure of anything anymore, which I guess is a good state to be in. Makes for more adventure in life.

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      3. Ha ha – you did sneak a little commentary in this comment Susie. 🙂 Well I am glad that other people besides me told you that you could expect a very cold and snowy Winter because that is the norm where you and I live. This Winter is a fluke, believe me – luckily other people told you or you’d think I lost my mind. The weather forecasters cannot predict so great as this Winter has been wacky. They told us that we would have 3-6 inches of snow on Wednesday into Thursday – we got one inch, if that much and today I was out walking and drove the car on clear roads. They did get right this bitter cold – it was 5 degrees F (-15 C) when I went out this morning – brrrr. Will be brutally cold tonight too – I have to do a load of laundry to warm the pipes tonight and have all the faucets dripping for the same reason. Do you have the brutal cold at least? – Linda


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