LOLs- Lots of laughs

Yesterday was one day I laughed – a lot.

How could a busy, excessively worked graduate student laugh so much – it could not be the classes or the weather.

Yesterday I had visitors – from across the mountains, and far away. In fact four days of driving away.

I experienced selfless love from two who two visitors who practice Christian love in real life.

Fellow blogger Anne and husband John drove from their mountain home to visit .

Classes finished by 4 pm yesterday- Thursday. My visitors dropped in about 5 pm. There was a small delay while I tried to locate Anne. I found her waiting in front of the Medical library a few doors away from my dorm.

Anne and Susie- our first meeting ever

You can see the happiness on both our faces. Doesn’t Anne look beautiful ?

John drove up a few minutes later and we drove around town to locate a place to eat. Having never explored beyond the Downtown area and not having eaten out much, I was not of much help.

But John and Anne, seasoned travellers that they were, took me on a journey to the Greater town area and to a diner that looked comfortable and welcoming.

Their selection of restaurants was fabulous.

We sat there for hours eating, talking and laughing. We laughed so much. We had so much to talk about. John had the most wonderful stories and experiences from his work in New York and it was obvious that he enjoyed human beings and interactions and could make any encounter interesting. I learnt so much from him, being a history fan – John is a history buff- he knew American history, English History( we are taught that in school being from a former British colony)- and Western European history( he knew so much more than our school syllabus of the two world wars and the Industrial revolution)- I wish I had had more time to talk with him- he was a great history teacher.

Enjoying ourselves- John on the side

It was like Christmas all over again and Valentine’s day altogether- Anne and John were my Christmas gifts and Valentines all rolled into one.

John and Anne know so much about music, church music, church history, the Bible, places, people they have met on life’s journey together. John ends his sentences to Anne with “dear”- I have only read this in books and Anne calls him “hon”. Aren’t they a lovely couple ?

Happy laughing times

We continued our conversation in their motel- yes, they stayed overnight in our University town and left early this morning. And in the hotel room, we discussed my classes and the how and why of my course structure and how politics affects the curriculum of the university- how my course is so contemporary as to reflect political ideologies and leanings and correctness- sometimes even to get a few “claps” from the students. This was serious discussion but it made a lot of sense to me when it was all over- all the weeks of learning about climate change, and race and other “contemporary topics”.

The trip back to my dorm was adventurous as we lost our way- you would think I would know my way home once I entered the precincts of the University- sadly I could not find my way back. John has a photographic memory for directions and roads . Anne helped him with her knowledge of gadgets and maps. We got to the dorm around 10:15 pm.

Hugs and messages for our families followed. Needless to say, I enjoyed my visit – you could say, it was the highlight of my stay in the USA- I experienced firsthand Christian love- in -action- love that would bring a couple from over mountains in search of a lonely, expatriate , other nationality, other race, other ethnic background, thickly accented woman, to shower her with selfless blessings, filling her heart and soul with a warm fuzzy feeling that will last her all the days of her life. (When I feel lonely, I am going to think back on this day )

John and Anne, you made memories for me- stories to tell my grandchildren- should they come, some day. I hope you will come to Kerala and can see the river bed where the largest Asian Christian convention takes place every year. John -thank you for driving Anne all the way, the knowledge you shared and for being a kindred spirit, and Anne- thank you for being my friend.