More visitors

The day after Anne and John’s visit, we had a famous person visiting our campus. Global health department were hosting a politician who had interest in health- Senator John Kerry. I have always been an admirer of the Senator’s policies and the way he showed maturity in various situations. So of course I went to his talk.

The talk focused on the US handling of the AIDS issue and then the Ebola crises and surprisingly criticized the Corona Virus shut down of world economy in a way that suggested that if the decision making powers were with others, many things would have been handled differently.

To great rounds of applause, the Senator went ahead with answering questions.

Picture taken from a great distance as I was in the last row

First experience with a US politician in the same room as me.

8 thoughts on “More visitors

    1. It was- I think it was supposed to be on global health of epidemics of which he was thought to be an authority based on his prior experience. I wish the script has stuck to the science or the events that took place rather than nuanced politics- with which at least we international students are saturated with.

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