More R ..rrrr..

Melinda reminded me that I needed to get part II done. We were allowed to write to the professor or the Research Assistant or refer to Google as the case may be for the assignment.

Opening the package was a great deal as my laptop stopped working the minute I started running R on it. So a laptop was borrowed from the library. I quickly found out that the library laptop did not have any software uploaded on it other than MS Office. I tried downloading R on it but the ubiquitous message popped up that I had no administrative rights to download or run new software on it.

Then began a lengthy process of calling IT and asking them to do the needful. IT in my university is always on call and always attending calls- so I got a late response. When they did, there was further delay in getting the software as the technician went to attend to other calls amid dealing with my software issues- finally it got done.

There were three questions on the assignment and each had 3-4 sub questions and all of them required us running the program and then interpreting the results. I tried running each chunk of the code( the code was already provided in the software)- it should have run like clockwork but the package gave error messages every few seconds. After half a day of battling with the computer, I decided to ask for help and emailed the Assistant, who promptly replied. Following her advice, I ran the first chunk and it ran.

I imagined the rest of the chunks would be smooth sailing too. At every step of the program, there were hitches and error messages. When I got through one question, the next problem started. Called RA again but she didn’t reply- it was Sunday. So I emailed the instructor who said, write to the RA.

The RA finally wrote back on Monday( due date of the assignment) that she would not help through email as she had helped a lot of people during teaching hours, which she hosts once a week on Wednesday for an hour. ( I had missed that time obviously). Turns out the students went to her to complete their homework and got them all submitted on time.

I didn’t. Finally, with no other go, I did what I could and submitted before the due time.

I await the results. I have now decided to master this R thing.

No amount of R should defeat a 50 year old student if she wants to learn it, don’t you agree ?

8 thoughts on “More R ..rrrr..

  1. Oh Anne,
    An uphill task indeed. I have decided not to give up though- if I don’t get guidance from here, I am going to learn it somehow- there are courses provided by Harvard which teach the same. So I am probably going to register for those.
    How are you both?

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  2. Hi Susie, glad I helped!! But, oh man!! So many problems, so aggravating! At least you were able to complete some of it. Don’t miss next WED!! I’m proud of you for knuckling down and getting to it!
    Love, Lucy


  3. Calling IT is often like speaking to the Foreign Ministry when I am teaching online and run into a glitch. Either prayer or much diplomacy is needed. I tend to rave with glee if I understand them.


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