A busy M(m)arch

As the first half of the Spring term winds down, we had a lot of homework to submit and assignments. My R fiasco got me a 73% . It is the lowest in the class but I am so happy I got this much with my inexperience with R. A second assignment in the same subject is now posted with a special note- don’t ask us anything. They should have mentioned this with the first assignment too, instead of the all compassing statement of email us and ask away( which I did). This time I am determined to master this R( hoping the Spring break and Corona break will help with this).

Another homework just done and this was on Applied methods in epidemiology and based on coding. It took me 5 days to get this done but managed to submit it late last night. Tonight I start off on my 2 day journey home. Truth be told, I am not so keen on going- for there might not be a coming back, with the virus and quarantine and all of that stuff.

Weather is getting warmer and warmer though interspersed with cold days in between.