A busy M(m)arch

As the first half of the Spring term winds down, we had a lot of homework to submit and assignments. My R fiasco got me a 73% . It is the lowest in the class but I am so happy I got this much with my inexperience with R. A second assignment in the same subject is now posted with a special note- don’t ask us anything. They should have mentioned this with the first assignment too, instead of the all compassing statement of email us and ask away( which I did). This time I am determined to master this R( hoping the Spring break and Corona break will help with this).

Another homework just done and this was on Applied methods in epidemiology and based on coding. It took me 5 days to get this done but managed to submit it late last night. Tonight I start off on my 2 day journey home. Truth be told, I am not so keen on going- for there might not be a coming back, with the virus and quarantine and all of that stuff.

Weather is getting warmer and warmer though interspersed with cold days in between.

21 thoughts on “A busy M(m)arch

    1. I reached back an hour ago, Lucy- the Boston airport not very crowded except for a great group of middle aged people with huge skies on Lufthansa flights to either Austria or Switzerland i am not sure which.
      My flight was relatively uneventful.
      I think my 73 is good too- considering I knew nothing.
      Seems like universities post one thing and in practical things they say another thing- basically everyone wants credits but without efforts. It makes me want to start a teaching revolution- where only teachers who are genuinely interested in teaching are made teachers and those who are researchers or want to do deskjobs, should be allowed to do just that- including the epidemiologists and statisticians and all- sounds radical. But there is the need for a cleaning our of the educational system, not just in the US but even in India- everything is money or prestige related- to teach a course for the MPH students seems to be very prestigious for one’s CV perhaps but that is not a good criterion for a good teacher.
      A good teacher, should be someone like our Lord, able to explain difficult concepts in the simplest of ways.

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  1. I think your 73% should be 93, considering the odds stacked against you. Your pluck is admirable, wanting to master R.

    I never thought about your not being able to come back because of the virus. If that happens, I will be so happy that we were able to meet when we did.


    1. Anne
      It seems all the more likely now per all the news reports. They might even ask all admin staff at the university to work from home, so soon it will apply to students too- most of our classes can be attended online.
      I am blessed that you chose that time to come visit for I got to see you and create memories .


      1. Yes, I did- half my things are there-but they are all things I bought in the US for my stay there and perhaps would not be useful for me in my later life- cost some money but could be dispensed off. What I could not let go off were my books, I brought them with me .
        The university has sent notices asking Admn staff to stay at home and work, if required. We think it might come to that and perhaps even for students- it may come to online classes. Who knows?
        I enjoy the uncertainty of it all- because I believe that we have all lost control and that gives more opportunity for us to believe in Who is in control.


  2. Well your brain will get a bit of a rest Susie, though I am sure you are uneasy about traveling which is to be expected. I know I would be a Nervous Nellie. My boss is in San Francisco, CA right now and there is an outbreak there, not to mention the issue with the second cruise ship docked in California. I understand that travel insurance will not guarantee you will be refunded your fare due to your fear of the Coronavirus – only if you are conteminated by it, or a family member is ill from it.


    1. I reached Linda- though a worry of being quarantined was ever present. Boston almost deserted, except for those who could or wouldn’t postpone trips- lot of Lufthansa passengers with big skis on the flights – I am surprised so many of the elderly people go skiing and to European countries- maybe Austria or Switzerland.
      I have to get the TV at home fixed as husband was not watching at all the past two months and something seems to have gone out of whack with it.

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      1. I was worried about you being quarantined Susie – and in my mind I wondered if it was not just better to stay put at school and forego the trip home, as difficult as it would have been to do so. However long you are off, I hope it will be easier returning than leaving. Can you watch TV on your computer or smartphone to keep current with the news over here as to the Coronavirus? I don’t have TV, have not had it since 2010 when I cancelled cable TV after my mom passed away, so just cancelled it.
        I have a small digital TV but, even with its flat antenna, it jumps around all the time and freezes the picture (annoying). I just watch the news online.


      2. I am going to get the cable repair fellow to come and fix our thing- we are paying a pretty sum to the company for this cable TV. They say they have closed schools in Washington State and also in California, perhaps in NY- NH seems just across from NY as I understand the map. It will not be far when the University has its first case.

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      3. It is good you are home but it is bad this had to happen during your year at school – sigh. I am glad they will accommodate you taking classes from home – since so much was done online anyway. The only fly in the ointment is library resources, but I am sure everything is available online wouldn’t you think? Fingers crossed you don’t have to go back and it goes smoothly. I know they are not refunding airline tickets (even if you have travel insurance as to people who simply want to cancel a trip due to the Coronavirus), however, I would think it an extraordinary circumstance. This will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the end.


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