Return and night in the dorm

Night in the dorm- almost as a stranger

Surprising though it may sound, having left that dorm room only three hours back, when I returned that night, I looked at the room as a stranger- what was I doing there? I tend to severe relationships rather quickly and it is easy for me to transition from one situation to another but I never expected amnesia to set in so easily. Perhaps my metabolic syndrome was setting in -hard.

Lugging the two suitcases back was hard enough- fortunately for me, I met no one on the way.

A walk to Walgreens’s in the night to get N95 masks supposed that day to protect against Ms. Corona. There were no masks to be had- they said their stocks had run out at least a week back and there were no sanitizers to be had too( I hadn’t asked for sanitizers).

I went to the hospital attached to the university and got a couple of their ordinary masks( not known to protect against Ms.C) and returned to my room to spend the time there, not forgetting to book another Uber ride for the next day.

The Uber company is one enterprise that is gaining from my missed train.Other than the train company and Bolt company, of course.