Return and night in the dorm

Night in the dorm- almost as a stranger

Surprising though it may sound, having left that dorm room only three hours back, when I returned that night, I looked at the room as a stranger- what was I doing there? I tend to severe relationships rather quickly and it is easy for me to transition from one situation to another but I never expected amnesia to set in so easily. Perhaps my metabolic syndrome was setting in -hard.

Lugging the two suitcases back was hard enough- fortunately for me, I met no one on the way.

A walk to Walgreens’s in the night to get N95 masks supposed that day to protect against Ms. Corona. There were no masks to be had- they said their stocks had run out at least a week back and there were no sanitizers to be had too( I hadn’t asked for sanitizers).

I went to the hospital attached to the university and got a couple of their ordinary masks( not known to protect against Ms.C) and returned to my room to spend the time there, not forgetting to book another Uber ride for the next day.

The Uber company is one enterprise that is gaining from my missed train.Other than the train company and Bolt company, of course.

24 thoughts on “Return and night in the dorm

  1. I had a similar experience while living in Abu Dhabi althought I did live in a hotel apt., so had a helpful front desk person and many cabs nearby. Relatively easy to get around but travelling to Oman by myself for Christmas proved a bear. Albeit I was on holiday and my time but I ended up hitchhiking and accepting a ride from a group of Omanian women eager to help a foreigner. I felt very safe. I did and have lugged many suitcases in situations similar to yours and not speaking the language. I was a lot younger then (late 20s and 30s). Hope all gets straightened out.


  2. You have had a series of surprises in 2019-2020 Susie … a fellow blogger who warned you to buy clothes that would prepare you for a cold, snowy and otherwise brutal Winter that never happened and you’ve mastered all the pitfalls to date, I predict this last part of school experience will be a piece of cake for you. How is the jetlag?


    1. Jetlag is quite bad, considering all things because I have been awake now for 18 hours throughout last night included. The winter clothes and shoes I don’t regret the buy because I love woolens, with the changes in climate, who knows if tropical countries might not become colder and require their use in the future- the boots I could certainly use either here or at home in Kerala in the rains.
      My husband is sure of not sending me back to the US- he has had enough.
      I am not sure how I am going to negotiate this last hurdle.
      The worst of the year has been the professors and their attitudes towards teaching- I understood one thing- universally, teachers do not enjoy teaching or being questioned anymore.

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      1. I have to agree with your husband Susie – and 12 days from now when you’d likely begin making your journey back to school will be almost two weeks further into the Ms. Corona crisis. You are not just traveling from around the corner, or even another U.S. state. This is quite a large undertaking travel wise. May I suggest that you contact the school and ask if you might find out if classes and schoolwork might be done remotely because of the issues related to the Coronavirus and travel. Mention your husband being a doctor – does not matter if he is not an epidemiologist – he is a gastronterologist, so is looking out for your welfare, not just as his wife, but as a potential candidate for the virus. Given the attitude and means of teaching would make me even less enthused to return to be honest, as hard as it would be not to finish that coveted degree/certification. Think on asking them – are you the only foreign-born student in the advanced studies program?


      2. Do you have e-mail contact for the other students Susie? Do it – make it easy on yourself and these are trying times, extenuating circumstances for sure … do what you can, yes keep me posted please.


      3. Good – I don’t usually come here during the work day but sent you the e-mail and didn’t know if you’d see it … sent another e-mail a minute ago. Susie – I don’t think you’ll be returning.


      4. I have stopped going on WordPress in the morning to leave earlier and not scrambling out the door like I have the last year or so, but it takes me a lot longer at night to get through comments now – so just reading this note. If I see anything, I’ll be sure to send it along to you Susie.


      5. You’re welcome – we have more classes canceled today here in Michigan – our governor declared a state of emergency even though only two cases of Coronavirus.


      6. The emergency situation is better than not doing anything- I think the US situation is under control considering the large population which is constantly on the move.
        Poor Tom Hanks!

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      7. Yes I heard about that and his wife too and Tom Hanks has Type II Diabetes so that may cause complications. The U.S. has effectively shut down/cancelled many events. They have closed all colleges in Michigan effective Monday – my boss teaches labor law and his last class is tonight – they go to Skype next week. It is scary – never been thru anything like this. Glad to leave to go to the Park where it is calm and “news-free” … sigh. Travel safely Susie.


      8. Yes people can have strange ideas sometimes don’t they? It is tough for those small animals and birds in the Winter – tough to stay warm and eat and nothing to forage … tough to just stay alive.


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