That was my last dorm night

In the previous blog, I mentioned that I spent the night there as a stranger in my dorm room. And with the turn of events that has the world dancing in attendance to a microbe, my world has been turned upside down too- the rest of my classes will be online and hopefully my degree will come to me.

I might not be able to return to my dorm or my things at least not for some time and by the time, the “embargo” is lifted, my room may well be allotted to someone else.

I don’t feel very upset- for not completing the course onsite- online is good enough.

Hope all are keeping safe. I had to have blood tests as I came from the US and though am well, am in sort of an isolation.

10 thoughts on “That was my last dorm night

  1. Timelesslady says:

    Hi Susie, I have been wondering how you were, and where you were at the present time. Is your family well? I hope this does end soon, but our President has already said the words ‘July or August’ and that sounds like a long, long time. I am so glad to have my garden, and for the fact that I am already, and have always been, a homebody. I will be thinking of you. Kathy


  2. Such a strange turn of events in our world. I wonder if you’ll come to enjoy finishing your course online. If nothing else it’ll be something new and different to keep your mind occupied instead of thinking about worse things.


  3. Life is so strange. You were so eager to come here and now you are finishing online which you could have finished from home. The more we get the things we want, the less or rather we learn of ourselves. I might have a very good opportunity coming soon and yet if I get it, I know the demands will be great as will the people watching me. Sometimes it is nice to be a little peg in the wheel. Best wishes.


  4. I mean, we learn more of ourselves through getting our demands met and the challenges we face. Sometimes we learn what makes us comfortable and uncomfortable. I was often uncomfortable living in the UAE alone for the year but it brought some good opportunities later on for me.


  5. How are you doing Susie? I have not been keeping up with anything much lately as we have been focusing on my brother in law and getting him back in his house. He broke his knee cap 4 weeks ago and was finally released from being in the nursing home for physical therapy.


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