I have been at home for about 24 days now. Most of my time is spent getting over my jet lag which believe it or not, lasted 22 days this time( without Melatonin). I seem to have finally come out of it. So in fact the lockdown of the country did not affect me much and I didn’t miss going out all that much. For people who don’t have much of a bank balance left, the lockdown cannot affect their spending is my guess.

A lot of the spring break was spent in keeping awake through the night, courtesy the jet lag and getting my homework done.

In the middle of it, the university announced that we needn’t come back and they would get our classes to us online or as recordings- that was a big bonus. An additional bonus was that they would pack and send my things to me if I wished that. I agreed of course, though no one knows when that will happen.

We are stuck here, no in and out of people from the airport, so no extraneous cases of the horrendous virus is my guess. Work goes on as usual, daughters are to date safe in their college rooms and hostel.

Parents and in-laws are well and they are coping too.

Coping is the new normal. Even the little children of the neighbors have stopped coming out to play- there are only the twittering of the birds heard- no cars, no sirens, no fast skidding noises- nothing- the wind blows and its puffs are audible amidst the silence that envelopes the house- the birds sing and twitter early in the morning even at 3 am in unrestrained freedom- the air is a lot cleaner- we have had two rains here and the weather is a pleasant spring like weather. For those who argue for the climate change, this must be a welcome change. I, for one, like it.