I have been at home for about 24 days now. Most of my time is spent getting over my jet lag which believe it or not, lasted 22 days this time( without Melatonin). I seem to have finally come out of it. So in fact the lockdown of the country did not affect me much and I didn’t miss going out all that much. For people who don’t have much of a bank balance left, the lockdown cannot affect their spending is my guess.

A lot of the spring break was spent in keeping awake through the night, courtesy the jet lag and getting my homework done.

In the middle of it, the university announced that we needn’t come back and they would get our classes to us online or as recordings- that was a big bonus. An additional bonus was that they would pack and send my things to me if I wished that. I agreed of course, though no one knows when that will happen.

We are stuck here, no in and out of people from the airport, so no extraneous cases of the horrendous virus is my guess. Work goes on as usual, daughters are to date safe in their college rooms and hostel.

Parents and in-laws are well and they are coping too.

Coping is the new normal. Even the little children of the neighbors have stopped coming out to play- there are only the twittering of the birds heard- no cars, no sirens, no fast skidding noises- nothing- the wind blows and its puffs are audible amidst the silence that envelopes the house- the birds sing and twitter early in the morning even at 3 am in unrestrained freedom- the air is a lot cleaner- we have had two rains here and the weather is a pleasant spring like weather. For those who argue for the climate change, this must be a welcome change. I, for one, like it.

15 thoughts on “Lockdown

  1. That was a long time for getting over jet lag. Welcome back to daytime living. How marvelous that you might get your belongings back!

    Do you still have to work with the program R? If so, how is that going?


      1. Thank you, we 5 here are all good. Since DD2 is in the Air Force, and I haven’t heard from her, I assume she isn’t allowed to say anything right now. Prayers for her continue! Our God is mighty! Love, Lucy


      2. Yes, she is a Dr in the AF. Sorry I confused you! She just joined last summer. Thx for the prayers. Much appreciated!! We are all good for all supplies. Church is online. Do y’all still get to go in person?


  2. What a long journey you had since your initial days back in early September Susie – who knew it would end like this? It is amazing how long the jet lag lasts for you, but glad if it is abating somewhat. That’s good that everything will be recorded or accessible online and hopefully the rest of the school year is not too taxing. I have read that in Italy it is much clearer in the water since the gondolas are not out and the air is free of pollutants with no cars out, and best of all, dolphins have begun to visit the blue water now. Yes, a cleaner and better Earth – Mother Earth will be proud, but the cost to mankind is overwhelming.


    1. Linda,
      I am amazed at how our university missed seeing this coming and a public health school at that and for that matter, the one in the neighbouring state as well. All were probably focused on whether Mr. Prez would get impeached or whether he would declare war on Iran or some other frivolous stuff I guess. My family asks this question to me all the time, and I have no answers. Sorry if I sound too harsh.
      I am glad for the animals and the seas and the air and the sounds that are heard better because there are no planes or cars to dampen it.
      Love the lockdown.
      I am glad you replied as I know now you are keeping ok.

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      1. Susie – Yes, it makes me wonder about that too. It seems the focus of the news these days has only been the Coronavirus, then today in the press briefing that is given every day in the 5:00 p.m. hour, the bigger portion was about Iran and drug smuggling. Now, I wondered why that was top on the agenda? I’m sure your family wonders why too – the death and illness totals are staggering and here they were jumping 200 a day (illness) and now it is more like 1,000. Very scary. We will hit our peak of cases over the next two weeks and supposed to be the worst time period. I am fine, but I am worried – you stay safe there too please. – Linda


  3. So glad to hear you are okay Susie! We have not changed our habits to much with this virus thing as we live in the country. We are much more careful when we do get groceries though.
    I am also glad to hear you get to stay put for now and your thing will be sent to you! Stay safe and enjoy the quiet.


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