Feeble attempts at normalcy

The world is in actual and virtual turmoil. Still a lot of us are trying to maintain normalcy and go on with life as though nothing as change- perhaps for some of us, nothing has changed but it seems each day more and more people are having their lives disrupted due to the virus.

Our courses go on as usual- with no mention of the virus going on around. The major health threats class goes on as per syllabus, into a module on obesity- we had a class yesterday, where during the session, many students protested that the teacher needed to read comments and answer them during the lecture, rather than proceeding at her own pace, oblivious to the chaos around her. Questions were asked on stigma and obesity and socio-behavioral determinants of obesity to no avail. Many asked why the course was going on as usual when it could have shifted gears into a current major health threat- the COVID. It seems ironic that countries like India, and even parts of the US may actually face food deficits and starvation- even counter the obesity threat. People suffering from COVID actually lose weight.

Shops are open as usual to sell food though the initial stock piling of food seems over and the shelves are full of long lasting food- we shop but shop with not so much of a gay abandon and are considerate of moving up and down aisles that have people deliberating over their purchases. It seems those who have kitchen gardens are coming out quite well in terms of food. We deliberate on whether we actually need something rather than buy or procure it.

Families that are forced to stay together during lockdowns are, contrary to all predictions, actually loving the times they have with their children, most of whom they actually met with only on weekends. Husband and wives are reconciled in meal preparations and child care.

The use of lipstick and make up might be on a decline except when one is on Zoom calls for classes or meetings online- because otherwise we are masked.

People are actually listening into religious discourse- and talks- seems like everyone wants to catch up with their lost time with their creator.

The only thing that does not seem to change is the animal market in China from which this virus purportedly originated. For there, it is business as usual.

20 thoughts on “Feeble attempts at normalcy

    1. Classes are still going on Debbie- as usual- the format is different, gone online. So I have to take classes on the US timetable from here at home. Nothing has changed for the university except the format of classes.

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  1. I’m sure it is pretty much the same all over the US now. People just refuse, or most of them, to take it seriously. Traffic is nearly back to normal on the highway that runs in front of our home. Big box stores are crowded again. Every time the Governor announces a new restriction in our state, the idiots rush to the stores and stock up, causing shortages. The other half (younger) continue to party in groups. The Churches continue to hold worship and cause hotspots of virus spread. Even hair salons refuse to close. Stay safe Susie.

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  2. Wow- the wet market proceeds as normal??
    Yes, we are definitely changing our priorities!
    God is waiting for us to pray, repent then and only then will He hear from heaven, and save our land.
    ❤ Lucy


  3. Susie – when will it be totally normal again – would you hazard a guess? They say the heat will help eradicate the virus and we do not have a lot of heat until late May, though our weather is so odd anymore – next week we have cold, not just chilly, temps and in February we were enjoying Spring-like temps. So if the experts are correct, your hot weather may bring an end sooner. Today I heard that Wuhan allowed people to unmask and set out after a 76-day period of staying in place … hopefully 76 days is not for us as well.


    1. Linda,
      I am most worried about mental health- mine and my hus and my daughters- I don’t know how much longer we can take this locking in- the health worker exit ban and the constant fear of being in the forefront of the COVID action.


      1. I will keep you in my prayers Susie – today we find out how much longer the lockdown will be … the governor wants it to end May 31st but the Michigan legislature wants it only to the end of April saying businesses will go “belly up” and our state will have a recession (I think we are headed there anyway). The worry as I see it should be the fear of getting COVID-19 first and the money aspect later … not everyone sees it that way. The healthcare workers can only go so long and start to crack if not get sick from C-virus. The stats on healthcare workers now out with the virus are staggering … I will keep you and your family in my thoughts Susie.


  4. Timelesslady says:

    Hi Susie, I was glad to see your post and know that you are well. In New Jersey, the top of the state is rampant with the virus, here in Southern New Jersey, we have always felt like a separate state from the north since things are always so different here. Anyone, which is very few, who has had the virus that we know of, has come through it okay without hospitalization. My parents, in their 80’s are being very careful. We are so proud of their attention to staying vigilant about possible contamination. I buy their groceries, and before we take them into the house, we wipe each piece down with disinfectant. Produce, or things that can’t be touched with chemicals, are left in the garage for as long as possible to lose their possible contamination. So far, all is well. Most of our family came down with a flu-type illness months ago, and my father actually had to spend a night in the emergency room after having it. We have speculated that the virus might have been in the area earlier than suspected. One of the extended family had been overseas in a very busy airport in the late Fall. Who knows…I don’t think anyone will ever know for certain how it all started. Since all of my family are owners or workers in essential businesses they are still employed. I’m glad you are well Susie. Kathy


    1. I am so glad to hear your story of the COVID in Southern NJ. Here, the number of cases is increasing by the day- we console ourselves that the death is quite low- restrictions are in place but life is essentially normal. We thank God that we have been spared much harm.
      One good thing about all this is that people have turned to God more.

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