Last week of classes

I am writing these short blog posts, so when I forget details about this wonderful year, full of surprises, I can come back here and refresh my memory.

Per the original schedule this is the last week of classes. It is a mad rush to complete homework and tests and more homework.

The time zone management issues keep me awake most of the day- and night. I will be glad when this is over.

In the middle of all this, we had Good Friday, and Easter and the birth of a new baby. It was great that everything went well in an almost desolate hospital where there was no patient other than my sister whose scheduled surgery was for the 13th of April and all went well. We have a new nephew- he is 50 years younger than me- I am old enough to be his grandmother.

There are students who face financial distress amongst this chaos- they sent a signed petition to the powers that be to grant them some respite for jobs lost, internships gone away, food and housing money having to be paid twice or many times over. As in previous days, I am surprised and appalled at how the university tries to keep things going as though nothing is wrong- appreciating those who publish papers in this time, making comments on the epidemic and how it would be expected to go in the near future- its always easier to predict the future with one’s fingers burnt, maybe.

And the vitriol that comes from the media is something else- I just wish there was more positivity all around.

We are in unfortunate times – my husband’s trip back home is delayed indefinitely as we know not when flights will resume. We are truly locked in in a land where all land borders were sealed from before – now the air route is locked too- the only way out as I tell my husband is to dig a tunnel until we reach the Indian ocean on the Oman coast and see if a kind fisherman will be willing to take us home to the West Coast of India( just joking of course). Food is in good supply, there is no need to stock.

We have had husband’s colleagues testing positive for the virus- with mild symptoms- and everyone awaits the call from the local CDC to see if they need to be tested or quarantined.

People are petrified of the virus – rather than its symptoms or the illness it brings with it. I talked to a colleague of my husband’s who tested positive yesterday- she said she had no symptoms but the wait to go to hospital and the fear of the virus was killing her.

Amid all this we took up the book of Ecclesiastics – and found that King Solomon, in all his glory was going through things we are going through now – and all to him as for us – is “meaningless”- we cannot find out why this happened or what will happen- there is nothing stable in the world and everything other than God is temporary- what a lesson in humility and giving up control.

9 thoughts on “Last week of classes

      1. Thanks Susie – I actually did a post yesterday and meant to send it to you. I stepped away from the computer most of the weekend. I was not busy the tail end of last week and so I decided to write a few posts and thus free up some time so I could get things done in the house – I got some stuff done, but then I also got really behind here and at e-mail, social media, etc. I am on Facebook, but really only on there for various birding sites, nature sites, parks info and the news, but got horrible behind trying to catch up. Sorry to have worried you Susie and thank you for thinking of me.


  1. You are in my prayers Susie. There is a city about 50 miles from us that is a hotspot for the virus due to a packing plant where the workers were in close quarters and it spread like wildfire. So far the hospitals are not overwhelmed though so that is good.
    The level of fear is something else and the media is awful. I am tired of hearing them all blaming our president like he should have been a fortune teller or something.
    Stay safe Susie and I will be praying!


    1. I heard about that packing plant on the news. I am worried about the mental health of my close ones- my husband and my daughters, if this goes on much more, I am afraid for them.
      Thank you for your prayers, Faye.
      Do you have to go to town at all ?


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