Glasshouse talk

I debate sometimes about telling stories I hear from other people’s lives- people I know now- are those mine to tell ? Is it ok to tell them ? But some of those stories have a life lesson to them and in my opinion need to be shared for their value. Here is one such happening- calling it a tale would make it sound like it was made up but this happened and just yesterday at that.

The Moroccan friend of mine who shared her Thanksgiving meal in November( seems so long back but just five months ago), sent me a message that the first day of their fast ended up not on a good note. A time for celebration culminated in an incident where two people ended up hurt and badly.

Her uncle, who lives in the state capital, had his house burgled last night. He lost all his savings and precious stuff stored in a safe inside the house. The masked burglars entered the house through the basement, made their way up to the first floor bedroom, encountered the Uncle and her cousin, stabbed each of them with knives, in fact, butchered would be the better word and left them bleeding. They were rushed to hospital, the neighborhood had ten police cars there looking into the matter and the men are now making as quick a recovery as they can.

Unemployment and starvation are real- they exist- a few people sitting in closed rooms with the luxury of “working from home” might find the lockdown an easy adjustment( though they have to do childcare themselves or find living with their families in short quarters a tiresome task). In fact, as many leaders including Prez Trump talk and want to open up their states, one can understand where their thinking points come from. Starvation and over crowding and abuse and possibly violence, including gun violence, theft, fights and everything that is not so nice, is more likely to kill more people than the COVID virus itself. The media criticize leaders who talk of opening up shops and businesses as soon as possible, saying it is too early to talk of an opening up and we are only making our way for a second wave of the COVID epidemic.

People who live and work in “glasshouses” can afford to preach, for except for a select few, they might not be affected by the virus or the economic shortfalls of lockdowns. But what price the mental health issues that accrue ? The children who have no go but to play on their tablets, the men and women who itch to be out but cannot ?

I would say the Swedish government despite the risk they took by keeping their economy open through the epidemic, achieved a healthy level of herd immunity- there were casualties of course but time has shown that perhaps this drastic, different method worked better than the method of pushing the high point of the epidemic further and to a later date. Its probably better to face the music now than later, in this case.

17 thoughts on “Glasshouse talk

  1. Thanks for sharing that. I am worried about the reopening of society, but violence from desperation could cost more lives, and send us on a downward spiral with no hope for recovery.


  2. I don’t know what to say to this, susie. I agree with you – the lockdown is doing a lot of damage, both to the country and to the individual sanity. Still, with our population density…if there is a community spread, it would be a rerun of the Spanish flu of a century ago…


    1. Still a level of equanimity with the disease has to be reached- there is TB, there is flu, there is dengue, there is hemorrhagic fever in the world, we need to reach a balance with COVID like there is with these diseases
      This is not how I started off thinking about this disease but this is how am thinking about it now- sounds callous but it is getting to be our truth.

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  3. Thank you so much Susie for stating my feelings! I have heard too many reports of domestic violence being higher than normal….not all families are safe when stuck in their homes. I have heard of people with no paychecks and no way to purchase food. I have heard of suicide hotlines taking many more calls. Somewhere there needs to be a balance between physical health, mental health, spiritual health and emotional health. We have yet to find it I am thinking.
    I hope you are doing fine through this! We are due to the fact we are in the country and I have always canned and gardened and put up food.


    1. I was frank when I wrote this because sooner or later, the ones who work hard and toil the soil for people like me( glasshouse residents) will start throwing stones- it has happened in India when the lockdown started and will happen if the lockdown extends beyond May 3.

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      1. I will continue to pray for you! I wonder if that is also happening in our cities in the US? We are a bit sheltered out here in the country. The closest area we have that has been hit hard is 50 miles away where there is a meat processing plant.


  4. Timelesslady says:

    Susie, I have talked with family about this very thing…they are all employed as they are considered essential businesses, but my heart is so heavy for those that are being forgotten, those who have years of debt now hanging over their heads due to no money coming in. This crisis and lockdown will take decades to overcome…and some won’t recover. I’ve had to stop watching news and all the advice and scolding attitudes from those newscasters who will be fine and dandy when this over. They are not thinking of those who might already be starving or eating poorly. I appreciate the honesty in your post. I am thinking of you my friend. Kathy


  5. One way that the US has completely failed its people is in not supporting them financially through a period when they can’t work. Britain’s efforts to do that have been patchwork and incomplete, but they much, much better than what’s happening in the US.

    Hoping your friend’s family is recovering.


    1. They are still out of their own house, imagine being locked out of one’s own house, during COVID- how can social distancing be practiced- this is just one story- how many more must be there untold and unseen?
      I agree this is a time for handouts- not just before elections where they are more like a bribe.


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