R is overrrr…

After struggling an entire term with an R software and codes that would never run, the last class of this very eventful course(not) was over on Wednesday(22nd of April)- rest in peace, course in surveillance- you will not be missed.

The issues I had with this course were:

  1. The course was based on a knowledge of R
  2. Every course assignment was provided with R codes and all we had to do was run it on the software- the issue was almost always the codes would not work- I spent four to five days on a single question some days- a waste of totally good days.
  3. Course instructor and Teaching Fellow ( my opinion) were learning on the course- while the course was going on and were a little better than us students at it.

In keeping with the course and lack of help and coordination between the professor and the teaching fellow, the answers to the Assignment 4 were provided by the professor himself, after the whole class complained about the non-compliant R codes. So he modified the last assignment into an oral presentation of the answers he provided- resulting in every group providing almost the same answers. The course thus ended on a funny note and there will probably be one happy course director- an equitable distribution of grades.

One of the things insisted on by the University is equity and social justice and the last assignment proved to be just that. We live in an equitable time period, an era of the COVID, which is a highly equitable virus- it affects everyone- though the press often seems to portray that it affects the minority populations more than others, as a public health person, I believe that is not entirely true. The virus seems to know no boundaries or favor any ethnicity and thus has succeeded in uniting the whole world into one mass of suffering. And thus ended my tryst with R.

3 thoughts on “R is overrrr…

  1. Well bless your heart. I know you are feeling pretty sassy to be through with R. As for the social justice
    business the media will always want to stir that pot.
    So whats next? Are you home for good,taking up your old job or just being glad to be alive.
    Here…we are being told to still be careful but things are improving. Lets hope and pray things don’t fall apart again.


    1. I am not working- I don’t think even ever- so glad that my family is alive even though in different parts of the world- I believe the Swedish way is the best- life goes on with Covid on the side- until a harmony is reached. What else can I say?
      Social (Physical) distancing and hand washing are habits which will protect us even in the long run and so must be kept on. But life must go on as a show.

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