The weeks are hectic as our course goes on. Often surprised to see how people strive to continue with life as though nothing is happening through these epidemic times. Hats off to colleges and schools for continuing with their curricula in much the same way except in a different format through this time- goes to show man does not accept change easy and it is easier to go along a trodden path than cleave a new one.

Watching reruns on TV especially Travel channel which is what I have access to sometimes and yesterday, watched a program where two guys traced the path of the Confederate Gold through Virginia mountains to a place called a “Hole in the Wall” through which they accessed Kentucky, which is their next destination. The thing with reruns is one never knows when the next episode is going to be posted- seems rather random to me and one is left wondering, what happened.

The lockdown is even stricter this month- no movement outside the house for anything- sanitizers are being manufactured locally and available. Vegetables are locally grown and are available as are eggs- its the grains and lentils people are worried about as that is the staple of diets here and they were usually imported. Transit passengers pass through the airport as before but only natives are allowed into the country. The rest of us are in limbo- neither out nor about.

Am doing what I can with my course, which is often not easy or enjoyable anymore, what with the constant stresses around me and also half my family being across a continent. I have reached a new normal of not caring about the course anymore- when people are dying around you and the end does not seem near, why would an MPH degree matter in the grand scheme of things and one from a college that didn’t see or predict or mathematically model the scourge that was coming its way? The Dean took a class for us two days back where he spoke in harsh terms about what a bad report history would give to the president – my thoughts were- when Rome was burning, what were you doing ?