Lockdown dance

My children are both separated from us- because of the lockdown. Its just my husband and I in our home here. My husband essentially takes all his patient calls at home and since they have cancelled all non urgent procedures, it works well. We go out only to get some food, which shops are open. We do our laundry and the cleaning ourselves.

One of my children, who is locked in in a hostel, has her own methods of having fun. Its been 7 weeks since the had regular classes( though their college is just 5 km away from their hostel)- they are not allowed to get out of the campus of their hostel.

She has been cooking in their hostel kitchen- fortunately, their century old hostel, which houses at least 250 girls has a kitchen- with an induction top cookstove, a microwave, utensils, a refrigerator and all. I lived in the same hostel during my medical course at least 33 years ago and there was no kitchen then.

After a month of cooking, she seems to have reached the limit of her recipes. Now she has taken up another hobby.

There is a dance room in the hostel too- also added since our time. So she goes there for sometime every day to dancexercise and get rid of excess energy.

Recently she had other girls join her and they then decided to take their dancing skills out to the open. Below are a few pictures of their dances – costumes and all.

Girls having dancing fun in the grounds of their hostel
Lockdown can be fun too !!