Last day of the course-May 6

Just documenting that this beautiful day signals the end of my course- the culmination of at least 9 years of sweat, toil, heartbreak and tears.

There are 10 subjects we need to get through to get the Graduate degree. I seem to have completed 9 of them successfully. Even managing to get a 100% on the last assignment of that dreaded R.

The one remaining course is the SAS( another software) course- which course’s midterm assignment I failed and the final which I turned in yesterday was nothing different- so I might not get my degree- but it was not for want of trying.

If I had been in New Haven, today would have been a day of celebration. I would have been packing and getting rid of stuff in my room. I would have been donating my electric cooker to a Chinese girl who likes to recycle and use stuff. I would have donated my mattress and knickknacks to some sort of donation center. And I would have made the journey to Boston, to catch my plane home.

In the new situation, I am already fast forwarded to my home – there is no travel looking on the horizon and I am preparing for another journey that will involve me leaving all 15 years of my stuff in this desert country.

Was the course worth it ? Totally.

Was it a wasted effort to do it at 50 ? I would think so( though public health has taken a beating with the current epidemic, we hope for better days, when people will understand that man and animals have to live in harmony and not one pursuing the other until the other releases stuff including germs to infect humans. ( The farmed animals are not getting any better treatment than the ones in the wet markets ).

It is the 6th of May, for the records and with one last assignment to submit, I will be done.