Being locked up is no fun. Being in a lockdown was fun until we realised it was as good as being locked up.

There were the hassles of getting our food and supplies online through various food agencies that had cropped up after the “lockdown”. This is a country that is apart from being locked down, also in a land locked situation with every land border sealed and only a narrow tract of airspace allowed for an infrequent plane to go across to a friendly county and over many unfriendly countries to some sort of friendly country. What a state of affairs, the world has come to.

At this time, online food supplies have jacked up their prices and each order takes more than a week to deliver and when they do deliver, prices are vastly different from what they were when ordered. When questioned, they have no answers. No one knows anything, which is another new normal that we have to live with.

Aeroplanes are operating now, meaning, evacuation flights are flying getting people out of the country to their home countries- these flights are for those incapacitated, pregnant women, those who have no visas to stay on or have lost their jobs because of the lockdown. All others are expected to stay put. This is getting people desperate- as there a lot of people( like us) who just want to go and be with our families, our children, our houses and live normal lives again, such as we may have.

Desperation drives people to extreme measures-hearing of businessmen committing suicide in frustration, because of businesses being suspended in time.

Wonder when people and the powers that be will realise that the lockdown does not solve problems but seems to just serve as postponing them, until they have time to deal with them.

I think people need to take action; as the WHO says, the COVID is not going anywhere fast- which I interpret as- as it is here to stay as an unwanted guest, we might as well learn to live with him/her or it, and deal with him, hoping one day he goes away. But because of him, we will not kneel down, or give in- our spirits, our lives, anything. What else can we do ?

18 thoughts on “Desperation

  1. You are so right! As my daughter in law said, “There is something else going on. There is more to this than cv-19.” And I agree with her.
    In our northern states, some governors want to lock down their people until August- They are showing their true nature, being control freaks.
    People need to get out, interact with others, be in the sunshine and fresh air.
    Humans are social creatures and we need to interact with others.
    Hubby got called back to work. I’m still waiting on my call, but I’m so ready.
    If I had small children crying for food and I had no money to feed them, I would be screaming in protest.
    God help us all!


      1. I’m a part time driver for the sales department of Enterprise Car Rental – They sell their cars after either a couple of years of rental services or 60 k miles, whichever comes first.
        I so enjoyed it – driving mostly new cars all day- HA HA


      2. I had only worked for one month before the lockdown. It was such a fun job for me. I especially enjoyed driving Dodge Ram Hemi-trucks. Awesome! Imagine me, a 67 yr.old grandma driving a big hemi-truck. But they were my favorite. Some of them were pure luxury. Go figure, a truck more luxurious than a BMW.


      3. Oh my God, Debbie. You are an adventurer, much after my own heart- if driving trucks is your thing, go for it. I mean seriously, you need to write a post about it for me to put up on my blog- would you be able to write about your new job, your vision, how you came by it and some adventures ?

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      4. I might! Ha ha! But for now, I just want to go back to work. It was easy to get used to that extra money. And because I had only worked for one month, I did not qualify for unemployment- Oh well.


      5. But you qualified for some new life experiences- did you have to do interstate driving or only around Mobil ?
        I am so impressed, Debbie.
        I didn’t know you were such a heavy duty driver.

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      6. Mostly in my city- It was fun getting in mostly new cars of all kinds- Everyday was different and I never knew what I was driving next until they gave me the keys – so I was never bored- but some cars were so tech-fancy that I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the radio – LOL


      7. Seriously I have driven BMWs and new fancy Cadillacs. What a disappointment- those Dodge Ram hemi-trucks beat them all in luxury. All leather interior with decorative stitching. Heated and cool seating – in addition to heat/cool air. All kinds of bells & whistles, but they are gas guzzlers –


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