A birthday amidst the lockdown

My husband is 58 years old today. Though if one thought he was 70, it would not surprise anybody. That is how much he has aged in the two months since the lockdown started.

He wants to be out in the sunshine, or out in his car or among his people walking around in freedom and here he is locked up- ahem, locked down. The only thing that money can buy now is food or medicine. There is nothing else to buy now- no extravagances, no cakes, no celebrations, no dinner in a fancy restaurant.

He didn’t want a cake or any other celebration. Family and friends are wishing him on his birthday through phone calls. He waits in anticipation for that one telephone call that will decide his fate- towards freedom or towards more captivity.

His hair has grown so much over the past two months- there is no hair cutter available for rhyme or reason. I have been begging him to let me at his hair but having seen my past efforts in cutting the stray cats fur, he would not let me. Today he had his back toward me, so I took off the spikes on top of his head with his mustache scissors. And then he was looking like Einstein, with a bunch of hair on each side of his head, almost none on top and a lot at the back- so he had to let me at the hair on his side. So in the end, he had three sides of his head shorn off and rather well, too, I might add. He now has hair only at the back and since no one looks there, often, we can leave that for the professional.

We have come to appreciate our hair dressers, our dry cleaning people, our house cleaners and everyone else who was making life comfortable for us. That is not the only way the lockdown has affected us- we cannot travel, we cannot move around, we cannot visit anyone, we cannot even go to work- everyone prefers working from home.

As the day goes on, we are now waiting for a man, who can help with moving and packing our stuff. After 27 years of marriage, we have a birthday in captivity. We will appreciate freedom when we get it because we have been captive. Freedom will be our biggest gift.

12 thoughts on “A birthday amidst the lockdown

  1. Moving during this must be especially hard. Do you mind if I ask where you are headed. Surely this lock-down situation can’t last forever but….who knows. Take care and give him a big birthday hug ….that is better than cake any day.


  2. Hopefully you will get to return to your home country soon. Here I am complaining and yet y’all still locked up. I’m so sorry.
    We are excited that we actually get to go back to church this Sunday.
    But we had to get tickets online, so they could hold numbers down due to rules of social distancing. Only 100 people could sit in sanctuary (normally holds over 300, sometimes more). So we ended up having to sit in the gym for overflow- sigh 😔. They are having four different times to choose from so everyone has an opportunity to attend.
    Can’t wait.


    1. Debbie, never mind the small inconveniences, but having four services is magnificent and that means more people get a chance to worship- we need to draw more and more people towards to the word.

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  3. That’s too bad that you couldn’t have a proper birthday celebration. Congratulations on the haircut! John trimmed his own sideburns. I like his hair longer, but it’s soon going to be beyond a decent length.


  4. That’s sad that the lockdown is taking such a toll on your husband – perhaps when all is quieted down and your move is over, you can have a proper celebration. I am glad you will return to your homeland and I am sure you will be glad when the year 2020 has passed.


  5. Captivity can take the spirit, and soul from a person. I’m dealing okay, except my hair. I have plenty except it seems to be waning on the top since all the tension and stress. Some would say my hairline has receded, I think its gone into “full retreat”!

    All the best to you both.


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