Too many things

As the days go by, comes the realization that we need to start packing stuff if we need to take anything with us. 15 years in the same house has gotten us a lot of things. And this is inspite of the yearly downsizing and throwing away stuff that occurred when the children were home and the yearly spring cleaning of schoolbooks was the routine. Still we have stuff and how much? It makes me want to throw up about how much we spent on clothes and more clothes every month almost. What a family we are.

This is one of the boxes that got done. It has a long journey ahead of it.

Throwing away- so many clothes- what a waste
And books from my daughters time here about three years back-was always hoping some student could use them
Just taking the clothes- not the furniture or printers or any other stuff
My cupboard- I am not even taking my clothes as I will be going native and will wear only traditional clothes as befits a tropical climate
A few of the suitcases that may accompany us on the flight

My crockery and cutlery are other things I would want to take- as I would find it easier to use things I have been using for years. The mixer grinders and gas stoves would not be taken and so will the television sets or computers- all of them are going to be abandoned.

It is all a waste of money – the COVID has made my husband and I realize that everything is a waste- we could have used the money we spent on stuff helping some needy person or for a good cause. We talk about this every day. We have been wasting our time- and our resources, putting things away for when we would return and now the time to return has come and we cannot take most things with us. We are not even sure these things we ship will reach us. Nothing is sure in this world now.

We are learning to appreciate one another and the time we get together. We talk to our parents and family every day. These are the things that matter- nothing else is lasting.