Niece’s pictures-Chennai

My niece who is 20 asked if she could send me some pictures. I said, yes, and asked if I could use them to showcase her photographic skills. Here are some of those.

A dragonfly- I wondered what this one was and had to ask her.
Rainclouds gathering, perhaps ?
Her college’s campus with the Chennai skyline in the background
Pink bougainvillea or is if fuchsia ?
Not sure what this plant is but it is a beautiful flower
Sunset or Sunrise- what do you think ?
Engineering college Campus
Beautiful little lilies ?
Those colours- the butterfly captured so well
Dead man’s rose -white Vinca
Close up of two lilies
A bed of lilies

Thank you, dear niece for allowing me to share these pictures.

6 thoughts on “Niece’s pictures-Chennai

  1. Timelesslady says:

    These are beautiful Susie. I love bugs so I am definitely partial to the dragonfly and butterfly. I love the close-up of the dragonfly’s face.

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    1. She asked me if she could send me some pictures- probably thought no one at home was appreciative of her clicks- she calls me cool aunt( CA) as I went to do “college” at 50. These pictures are taken with a Motorola phone, she tells me.

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      1. You are CA Susie … you show them how it’s done! I’ve seen very nice photos taken with a cellphone. A woman I follow on Twitter takes videos every day on her iPhone of birds in the woods coming to eat seeds from her hand. She slows the videos down – they are just beautiful.


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