Self invited dinner

My sister in law has her birthday today, and she lives within a kilometer of my house now. We wanted to invite her home to dinner today along with my husband’s parents but it seems all get togethers are off. So we made do with going over to her house, early today with a cake and greeting her just as she was waking up. Corona has changed bed times for people, we sleep in more and wake up later.

We returned home so daughter could attend her online classes, which started at 7:30 am. But soon a call came from my brother in law asking if we could join my inlaws and them for lunch at their home. I asked my daughter if she could spare some time but she had classes and a test to boot, so going over for lunch was out .

I called my brother in law and politely declined. I wish I had left it at that but with my big mouth, I asked if they wanted we could come over for dinner and eat the leftovers. He considered the matter and asked us to come around 7 pm- reflecting over this it seems I managed to self invite myself to dinner. What do you think ?

And my husband is yet to know that I accepted on his behalf too.

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