A sudden return to WordPress

I have been travelling and in and out of quarantine. In the process I lost access to my WordPress account and my google mail. Moving and using different devices is viewed with consternation at all sites, I learnt.

I had some money to be refunded from my tuition and took up this laptop that I used at Yale, today, and on a whim, tried to log in to wordpress. Lo and behold, I got access.

So here I am. I have been well. The quarantines were because of international travel. I lost a few relatives and neighbours during the past few months to COVID. My family is well up until now.

I am back at Kottayam. Not working yet as jobs are few. Grateful for each day.

11 thoughts on “A sudden return to WordPress

  1. Glad to know you are well- sorry about your lost loved ones – our church has lost at least three men that I know about- and we lost another after he took the vaccine –

    My Dad went home to heaven a couple of weeks ago, but he was not sick. It was just his time to go home. He was in his own bed laying in the same spot where Mother went home in 2013. They had been married 62 years and he wanted to die in the same house Mother did.

    God honored his wish . Dad had texted my brother at 5:30am -They texted every morning – Then around 8 am, it was discovered that Dad had gone – He loved the sunrises, so it is my guess God took him around sunrise –

    Anyway, it’s good to hear from you –

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  2. Hi Susie,
    Yes, I’m still working & love it- I deleted the viper app, sorry I missed you-
    Also I’ve lost your email – it’s been a long year – 2020. Hopefully, this year will be much better- I pray so,
    Hope your Mom & family are all well,


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