End of June and my 51st year

I have opened my laptop after three months. Work and chores kept me away from blogging. And well, life.

After about a year, our life train seems to be back on the track again, from where it often had seemed like the train had fallen off the rails on many occasions. Through it all, my Lord Jesus has been faithful.


1.No corona yet.

2. No corona in immediate relatives, yet.

3. Husband’s job situation seems to be improving.

4. His confidence at work and the new place seems to be up too.

5. I am getting better at washing dishes by hand.

6. Plus, inspired by my friend Linda Schaub, I have started walks – around Kottayam.

On the minus

  1. Going back to Doha again, early July, which will disrupt all our activities.
  2. Husband’s health having ups and downs.
  3. Moving anyplace outside Kottayam, brings up them eyebrows. The community here is closeknit and everyone expects to be up to date about everyone else’s business.

10 thoughts on “End of June and my 51st year

  1. Timelesslady says:

    Hi Susie, I was so happy to see your name today, and even more happy to read your post. I am glad to hear you have not had the corona, and that most of your family is well. I hope your husband’s ups and downs will even out into excellent health. I hope to see more posts soon. Kathy


    1. Hi Kathy,
      So glad to hear from you. My internet is often iffy, and hence the delay in reading your reply. Are you bicycling again? My cousin in Towaco, NJ has started biking on rail tracks and I remembered you did that last year.

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      1. Timelesslady says:

        Hi Susie, Yes, we bicycle almost every evening after dinner. When the light starts to wane in the Autumn we will go before dinner. I love riding my bike. We recently visited Wildwood, a seashore town, and we rode our bikes on the boardwalk there. I loved it. Nothing is quite like riding near the sand and sea.


  2. Welcome back, Susie!! I’ve missed you!! ❤ Wonderful that you have those 6 great things!! Well, the 3 are not good, but at least you have more good than bad, right??
    God is good all the time!
    You don't have help anymore?? In the house? How are your daughters, and parents doing?


  3. Susie – It is so good to see your post pop up in my Reader and your update on your life since you last posted. Of course I am red-faced upon reading your newsy post to find you have mentioned my blog as your inspiration for your new walking regimen around Kottayam and here I am reading this post six days later as I’m perpetually behind in Reader these days. Thank you for the mention and I am happy to be an inspiration for walking and I apologize for my tardiness in reading this post. I have usually posted my results on my miles tally at the end of each quarter and I did so on June 30th … it was 605 miles/973 kilometers of 2,021 kilometers. I’m happy for that total, but I must step it up since I need to double the amount by year end and our weather has not been cooperation since January 1st this year. I wish you safety in your upcoming travels and hope you can continue your walking regimen once you reach Doha.


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