Found a job—- almost

Late in June, had a call from a Medical College near here( about 200 km away), that they wanted a person for the teaching of Community Medicine,taking me by surprise as my age is now on the wrong side of 50 and jobs are few.

I was ready to join of course as — well, I was ready, ever since I completed my Masters last year. I asked for an online teaching type of job because of the distance and having just settled here, I didn’t want to move in a hurry. Terms were agreed upon and I had to make one physical appearance there before I claimed my job.

So I travelled last week till there and signed some papers. My parents accompanied me there. I was glad to take them along, they had been cooped up inside their home since early 2020. The trip was long but we made it and back.

Once home, I had to send some more papers to them and that’s when I found out that my MD degree had not been registered with the Medical Council here. So then began a mad frenzy to gather documents required to get my MD registered. The penalty was huge and ignorance of the law was not considered or accepted as a good reason for the delay in registration. I just got the registration documents submitted now and am waiting. In the meanwhile, my job hangs in balance.

19 thoughts on “Found a job—- almost

  1. What a cliff-hanger! I pray everything will be resolved quickly. This is such a good opportunity to use your new degree. I’m right there with you, hoping this is God’s plan for you.


    1. Hi Linda,
      Sorry for the tardy reply. I saw your email and the post. I have been unwell and have a viral gastroenteritis. Hope to recover soon. Paper work is in the red tape. Hope to get it done soon.
      Lots of love

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      1. I’m sorry to hear that Susie – I hope you feel better soon. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Right now I know so many people battling various types of illnesses. Please take care of yourself … it is good the job is caught up with red tape because that gives you some time to recover.


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