How time does fly

Its the end of August. The monsoon is almost over and we have had good weather. Rain and sun. Good for the plants and for us.

Corona is on the rise in Kerala. Well, it never went down. Almost 30,000 recorded cases here every day. Maybe much much more. People have learned to keep quiet and consequently even not going to the doctors if they have suspected corona. My family back in Kochi were all sick with fever for about 10 days, starting with the toddler, my nephew to my father, the eldest. Looking at their symptoms, they might very well have had corona. They didn’t test or suspect, so they didn’t know. They are all partially vaccinated. In India we have two vaccinations to complete the dose.

We celebrated my sister’s 50th birthday in August and my father’s 82nd birthday too. My husband is still in Doha and doing well. He loves the warm weather and his health has improved greatly because of no job related stress and him being back at the job he loves.

I am here at my flat and with my cat and plants and house. I like the quiet times. I have come not not relish drama. I prefer to be a house body than to be involved in drama. I spend my day in quiet times with the Lord. Catching up with Bible reading and trying to get a semblance of discipline in my life. I stopped the outdoor walks because it is more stressful looking out for snakes and beings that come out when its dark. My exercises are within the house. I am leaning to pray. Not just the ” God bless —-” type prayers but from the heart. I am trying to be genuine and controlling my tongue. It is a relief to not have to talk so much. I am learning.

11 thoughts on “How time does fly

  1. It was wonderful reading a post from you again. Below it were a few previous posts that I never saw. I have no idea why I didn’t see them in Reader. I’ve had eye problems the last few weeks, but I’m sure I would have seen them if they had been there.

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  2. I do miss not hearing from you. Do continue to take care of yoursefl and like you I don’t mind being alone with God. .There is aGulf storm headed this way ..I might ask you to pray for us here in the Soouth USA.

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  3. Timelesslady says:

    Hi Susie, I haven’t been posting too much, or reading posts. Both of my parents are in failing health at the same time and will have to move into Assisted Living after one gets out of hospital/rehab and the other gets out of rehab. This is a very stressful time for all of us. Their beautiful home will be sold, and it will be very difficult to do all that must be done to close down a household. On another note, my husband has the same opinion as you do about the snakes and walking in areas they might be lurking. We have a large, 4 -5 foot snake in our back yard now. It is not poisonous, but it is a disaster for the birds, and it steals babies from their nests. One thing I don’t mind is the lack of small rodents in the yard because of its presence. It was really good to read a post from you. How lucky, that on a day I have a moment to read and catch up with blogging friends I found your post. Kathy


  4. Hi Susie!! Welcome back!! Praying the Scripture is so good, when I can’t think of the words to say! Nearly ALL the Psalms are prayers, I think. As well as songs!
    I’m so sorry to hear how bad the Corona is.. Prayers for health and safety!!
    Glad your husband is so good. And your quietness, so calming! I hope all your family recovered?? I’m guessing yes, or you would have mentioned your sorrow.
    <3, Lucy


  5. Good to hear from you Susie. I’m happy to read your husband is doing well, but sorry that you are not able to continue your walks which you were enjoying so much due to extenuating circumstances. During the heat and rainy season, at least you will find solace inside, where it is cooler, reading scripture. Take care.


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