Found a job—- almost

Late in June, had a call from a Medical College near here( about 200 km away), that they wanted a person for the teaching of Community Medicine,taking me by surprise as my age is now on the wrong side of 50 and jobs are few.

I was ready to join of course as — well, I was ready, ever since I completed my Masters last year. I asked for an online teaching type of job because of the distance and having just settled here, I didn’t want to move in a hurry. Terms were agreed upon and I had to make one physical appearance there before I claimed my job.

So I travelled last week till there and signed some papers. My parents accompanied me there. I was glad to take them along, they had been cooped up inside their home since early 2020. The trip was long but we made it and back.

Once home, I had to send some more papers to them and that’s when I found out that my MD degree had not been registered with the Medical Council here. So then began a mad frenzy to gather documents required to get my MD registered. The penalty was huge and ignorance of the law was not considered or accepted as a good reason for the delay in registration. I just got the registration documents submitted now and am waiting. In the meanwhile, my job hangs in balance.

End of June and my 51st year

I have opened my laptop after three months. Work and chores kept me away from blogging. And well, life.

After about a year, our life train seems to be back on the track again, from where it often had seemed like the train had fallen off the rails on many occasions. Through it all, my Lord Jesus has been faithful.


1.No corona yet.

2. No corona in immediate relatives, yet.

3. Husband’s job situation seems to be improving.

4. His confidence at work and the new place seems to be up too.

5. I am getting better at washing dishes by hand.

6. Plus, inspired by my friend Linda Schaub, I have started walks – around Kottayam.

On the minus

  1. Going back to Doha again, early July, which will disrupt all our activities.
  2. Husband’s health having ups and downs.
  3. Moving anyplace outside Kottayam, brings up them eyebrows. The community here is closeknit and everyone expects to be up to date about everyone else’s business.

A sudden return to WordPress

I have been travelling and in and out of quarantine. In the process I lost access to my WordPress account and my google mail. Moving and using different devices is viewed with consternation at all sites, I learnt.

I had some money to be refunded from my tuition and took up this laptop that I used at Yale, today, and on a whim, tried to log in to wordpress. Lo and behold, I got access.

So here I am. I have been well. The quarantines were because of international travel. I lost a few relatives and neighbours during the past few months to COVID. My family is well up until now.

I am back at Kottayam. Not working yet as jobs are few. Grateful for each day.

December , 2010

A reflection from 10 years back. From what I can remember, I was working at the Medical research center at Doha and was told that my grandfather, who was a very important part of my life was sick with a hemorrhage. Born in 1917, he was 93 then. He passed away on December 10,2020. I travelled that night to Kochi airport- my mother had already gone home to her ancestral home and it was just my father and my nephews and niece there.Together we drove to Kozhencherry our ancestral place for my grandfather’s funeral.

December 7, 2020

After my previous blog, I have to say I feel better. My finger is still crooked. Two X-rays and ortho consultations later, they haven’t been able to find the cause of the subluxation of my joint in my right thumb but now we have a name for it- a subluxated inter phalangeal joint.

As to how I became better- the way I usually adopt when I am in trouble- I prayed for healing. I am not sure how it happened but somewhere in the middle of my prayers it stuck me that all my ills had started from the time I moved to Kerala, hot water soothed the pain, cold water aggravated it and apart from my thumb joint almost all my finger bones and joints( I can’t say which) hurt really badly. I also noticed the palpitations I had had in Doha in May had become more frequent- even my fitbit told me my heart rate was too fast on a few occasions. Mid october I was plagued by extreme fatigue and couldn’t get up from the couch in front of the TV where I spent most of my time after my husband went to work. It was a task to get up to get to the kitchen. Domestic chores like cleaning and mopping went to the back burner, never to be done. It was a horrific time.

I researched a bit during my couch days and I finally decided to try various supplements. Someone mentioned on Youtube that trigger finger improved with Vitamin B6- so I ordered some online and started myself on those pills. I forgot to mention the pedal oedema in my feet which has been there on and off for five years. As a thiamine deficiency could cause this, I started myself on Vitamin B1 tablets too. Soon it was the turn of B12 to get added to this family. I had been on various diets for so many years that I would not been surprised if I had a lot of nutritional deficiencies. And there was my PICA- on occasion, I had a chocolate craving and just had to eat all the bars in the house or get cup of hot chocolate. My hair was breaking off from everywhere and I had only a rat tail for a pig tail. Seems like my gum bleeds could be scurvy so vitamin C was added and then iron because I menopausal, and when I have my periods, they went on for two months( surely I was anemic). So in went iron. So far, I was on B6, B1, B12, iron, vitamin C.

Finally I decided I was protein deficient because being Indian I lean towards vegetarian food and do avoid meat and fish when I can. So I started off on collagen powders and this is when the tide actually turned. Concentrating on protein rich foods has helped me a lot. I have no more joint stiffness and the subluxated joint is almost back to normal. I can type again. Best of all, I can sit up and do some domestic chores without getting exhausted. Oh I forgot to mention, that Magnesium was also added to my list of supplements.

So my days now pass with trying to remember what pills I have consumed and what remain. Also focussing on my diet and trying to eat proteins. It has been a crazy few months- from good healthy to total deterioration. Even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I will fear no evil- for thou art with me. Thy rod and staff they comfort me.

Writing after a break

Its been two months’.

I have a bent thumb on my right hand that came on in September. I have been in so much pain that I haven’t felt anytime in my life. Days of pain that were unrelenting. Early in September, my husband returned to Doha to get his clearances done. I remember driving to the Kochi airport to drop him at the now derelict airport. There was this special one taking off that day from the airport.

I returned home in two hours ( we live about two hours from the place of the International Airport). I cannot remember how soon after that my pain started. And it happened so slowly that I didn’t realise until the pain caught up with me and I could not light the gas burner. I lost the power of my right thumb. I cannot remember if something cracked on my bones but I am left with a bent thumb now. There is a contracture there.

I thought it was a remnant of the cat bite on my palm from July as the bite was severe enough to have damaged my tendons though the tendons had healed well. It was only last week that when my husband took me to an orthoped cousin that an X-ray that he ordered showed that I have degenerative changes in my thumb joints.

Oh my God ! Degenerative changes? In my head, even 51 birthdays had not convinced me that I was on the other side of the half century. Age had finally caught up and my first reaction was sadness. It never struck me that I could have osteoarthritis. How the proud have fallen! That was how my thoughts went. IT took me more than a week to get rid of my depression. I have always thought that I would remain young for as long as I lived. I needed humility and boy, was I humbled.

And then the pain started in all my fingers, both in my right and left hands. And then pain in my right shoulder started. I could not almost use my entire right hand.

More depression followed. And that’s why I haven’t been writing.