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Help Me Raise £250 For The Dogs Trust By Leaving Me A Link To Your Blog


Letter To My Grandkids

A lovely post from ” The Chicken Grandma”- from a grandmother to her grandchildren

The Chicken Grandma


This week my husband and I had a wonderful week.  We celebrated our anniversary (see previous post) and also celebrated the birth of a new grandson. It was a great anniversary gift!

Normally my husband would be in the field at this time of year combining and hauling soybeans to town. Due to the the very rainy weather, we were able to take off a couple days and go meet the newest member of the family.

It is an amazing fact that a new baby can literally hold your heart in their tiny hand. I am not sure how that works…..I just know it is true.

As I worked on mudding and taping in my closet (also see previous post) I had time to think about that little boy. My mind also wandered to our other two grandkids in another city. There are so many hopes, dreams and prayers wrapped…

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A wonderful piece of writing by my friend Lulu.
Words are powerful and equip us to face the world either in our private space or out in the open. Words are said to be able to conquer worlds.
I loved this post.

Following Seas

Words.pngPhoto credit: Romain Vignes/Unsplash

Many years ago, when I was in elementary school, a teacher asked the class to name something that we had “alot of” in our homes. It was during an open discussion where we would offer our thoughts about different topics. One classmate said furniture, another one mentioned pets, still another bragged toys. There were a variety of answers, the most amusing being ants. Apparently, a recently spilled pitcher of Kool-Aid in Michael’s kitchen had attracted an army of the tiny, six-legged critters.

My contribution came to mind immediately; books. All kinds of books. Hardcover and paperbacks, both fiction and nonfiction. Then there were dictionaries (English and German), a set of encyclopedias, and a thesaurus. Crossword puzzle books, the local newspaper, TV Guides, and an assortment of magazines that made cooking and home care less tedious for the lady of the house (it was…

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Exploring new avenues to increase blog traffic

I have a blogging friend –Janice Wald– who through her constant practice and endeavour has become a blogging expert. She advises, follows, talks to and constantly directs new bloggers into blogging ways. For her blogging is her life time’s passion.

She recently wrote a post on how to increase visits, follows, comments to your blog. I benefit a lot from these tips and I hope you do too.

Please visit her blog and read her post and other posts for excellent blogging advice.