Crochet projects 2017

The holidays are here and I thought it was a long time since I had done anything remotely crochet. I was going to crochet something.

Girlybunches had just this morning posted her new video on how to crochet the virus shawl as she called it. It looked lovely, from what I could see of it.

So I started crocheting with her watching her on youtube. As usual, I didn’t have enough yarn of one colour, so decided to use as many colours as I could and use up those bits of yarn and those bundles for which I could never find good use for.

A few rows later, I came to find out that Olivia from Girlybunches had only posted the patter for the first 11 or so rows. And she had posted a link to the written pattern which looked like a complicated mathematical design to me.

A net search told me that Joana Martinez had also a pattern for the virus shawl and so I went there and it was a lot clearer there.

So here I am crocheting my shawl, which I hope will add to my collection of warm clothes to protect me against the cold air of the Air Con in my office and also for me take on my trip to Boston next month.IMG_2993.JPGIMG_2995.JPG

Do you like it ? For those of you interested in crochet, it seems to be an easy and beautiful project to do.

Hello, how are you ? I’m Susie Shy

Susie Shy- that introverted blogger- trying to say hello to the neighbours. This is a difficult task for me. With my advancing years, I find it all the more difficult to meet new people and introduce myself to them. At the back of my mind, lingers the thought that perhaps I’m making a fool of myself .
It was not always like this- when I was younger, I could head off and talk to people like nobody’s business. Things changed when I went to college and I found out that in my college, there was a tradition for newcomers to be seen rather than heard. This hampered my speaking abilities. Ever since I have had it difficult to talk to new people.
My neighbours are a Middle Eastern : Russian couple, who have been there for at least the 10 years that I have been here. Last year, they had a little baby-so I was forced to go say hello and meet the newcomer.
It took me several days of planning and plotting to decide how to do it. I thought I would do it alone but when my daughter came to know of my plans ( she is 15), she wanted to come too. So the two of us made our plans.
Days of watching and observing made us conclude that ever since the couple had their new baby and with 3 other children to care for, with no domestic help, they were ordering a lot of takeaway. ( aka the large number of KFC and MacDonald remains in their trash). We decided that they would appreciate a good home-cooked meal.

So we got to work. The problem was what should be on the menu. Given their unique heritage- should it be Middle Eastern or Russian or just plain Susie Shy stuff. I decided to go with Susie Shy stuff- things I know how to make well.
So it was that I decided to fry home made bread in hot oil ( one of the delicacies I know how to make) and combine it with a hot mash of delicately flavoured and spiced potatoes. “Yummy! ” My daughter said, as she sampled some of it. It was hot but tasty.
For the sweet at the end of the meal, we decided to bake doughnuts and ice it as we knew how. So the dough was made and doughnuts shaped and baked- they turned out nice and brown. The icing was my daughter’s work. She had a talent at that sort of thing. So armed with out hot home-made food and baby clothes I had crocheted myself- we went to our neighbour’s house.

baby booties
On the first knock, no one opened the door. So we knocked again. Adam, the last but one child, opened the door. He put his golden brown head out the door and his eyes went wide to see us. I imagined him looking at my food with hunger. Anyway he told me his mother was busy with the baby and could we come later.
Though disappointed, we decided to hand over the food to Adam and Ibrahim ( who had joined him at the door now) and left for our home.
A few hours later, Adam knocked at our door- we were surprised to see him. He said, ” My mum can see you now”, so we dressed up in our best but now armed only with the baby clothes, we made another trip to our neighbours.
At the door, Victoria, the mother greeted us in the fashion typical of Middle Eastern homes with a hug and kisses on both cheeks. Of course, I said” hello” and shook hands too. With the hug and the hello, we managed to communicate in spite of our different tongues and traditions.

Ruffled-Cocoon-Papoose-Baby-Crochet-Pattern 1
Blogging U.

Yarn bombing- how this fun craft is taking the world by storm

Yarn bombing is a method of covering any object into a colourful gay object, by covering it in yarn.

Yarn bombing trees

It looks like a forest of colours. Some experts say that there is an international guerrilla movement revolving around yarn. It really looks like this forest has been attacked by colourful handiwork.

Yarn graffiti or yarn storming, as this art form is called is an amalgamation of various craft forms like installation art,( which of course is used largely to install these pieces), needlework( to sew the pieces around and make them fast), and of course crochet or knitting to make the pieces.

As you can see it would be difficult for one person to install each of these on to the trees. Obviously a group of people must have made these. Thats what makes yarn bombing so much fun. People who are unknown to each other are drawn towards the creation of these pieces, with a strong sense of camaraderie, love of the craft and for the fun of it. Communities of friendship have been built around yarn.

Yarn bomber at work

What would your reaction be if you happen to see one of these objects ” tagged” as is the yarn bomber’s jargon for installing a piece on an object ?

I would be taken by surprise, because I wouldn’t have expected this, in the first place. Then I would smile and examine it in great detail and if I was an expert at crochet or knitting, I would try to find out what stitches had been used. And finally I would take photographs.

Sociologists argue that people are going ” back to a basics” culture all over the world. They want to do things themselves. Creating works of craft and art by ourselves, gives us a sense of satisfaction and confidence in ourselves.

Any object can be chosen to be ” bombed”- it can be your pen, a door knob, a tree, a street lamp post, a park bench, you name it, it can be done. The Bull at the New York Stock Exchange is one of the famous street fixtures that has had the privilege of being yarn “bombed.”

Yarn bombing the Bull

Yarn bombing is a method of bringing out the creativity within a person.

I am a crocheter myself and am vastly interested in this craft. I wonder how the yarn bombers have the guts to bomb public fixtures.


I would like to try it though-I am going to start small- may be my cell phone or my pen or a door knob or may be even my cat – what do you think ?