Harvard and my dream

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tourist Trap.”

I once went to the Harvard University campus in Boston. It was an unplanned visit. My family was visiting Boston and I was intent on seeing all the sights I could take in during the 5 day visit.

It was October- the fall colours were just coming out. The leaves were of every colour and hue you could imagine.

It was that time of my life, when my husband was sick- mortally sick- not of any gross physical disease but of mental fatigue. He had given up on himself and his life- having given himself just a few days to live. And in the midst of this he brought us, his family on our first visit to the US.

He was least interested in seeing the sights and spent more time at the Convention Center in downtown Boston than with us.

On the last day, I told him about Harvard university and how much it meant and should mean to doctors- it was supposed to be the Mecca of Medicine and one which every doctor would want to visit at least once his life. He was not convinced. Finally I had to tell him about ” Doctors” written by Erich Segal, in which he describes life of a medico at Harvard Medical School. This convinced him and he decided to come with me to worship at my temple.

We walked from downtown Boston, across the Charles river, on the Longfellow bridge and reached the MIT campus- I remember taking a few photographs there. We lingered there for a bit. It had been a long walk but it was not over yet.

A few steps further we reached the Harvard Medical School campus and the Harvard square. We saw the accommodations of the medical students and many medical students walking through the streets. Finally we reached the main gate of the Medical School.

Harvard medical school

It was late afternoon by then- the children had been left to their own devices in our hotel room. We needed to hurry back. But I was determined to see it all.

We went inside and saw various buildings and monuments inside as much as we could in the failing twilight. We also saw the Chapel used by the founding fathers of this great university. Of course, we didn’t have the time to see everything.

Harvard church

I was immensely grateful for the opportunity to have seen one of the greatest universities in the world with my own eyes and I would like to return there some day, not as a tourist but as a student.

No, don’t laugh at me- I may be middle aged and getting on in years but I have a dream and that dream is yet to come to pass.

Tuesday for creation


I have decided to change and change for the better. I was reading a post by Timothy Pike for the simple reason that he decided to follow my blog today and I being the curious cat that I am, went to his blog to see what he was writing. And what I saw there, impressed me no end and inspired me to bring change in my life- which I think I need to put down in writing before I change my mind or distractions make me deviate from the path.

I am starting my journey of change on Tuesday rather than a Monday or a Sunday because Tuesday is as good a day as any other and I like doing things a little differently from others.

Anyway here goes. I started blogging last week but along way, over the last two days, I have found the creative juices have just stopped flowing. I have started developing the fear Timothy writes about. I have been soliciting my writing all over but other than rejections, nothing has come my way. So there I was stuck, yesterday with nothing to write about, no inspiration, nothing.

And today Timothy decides to follow me and that made me read his post and the rest, as they say, is history.

Self assessment : (Knowing your inner self)- So here I am, trying to know my inner self because that is the basis of motivation ( as another famous writer, I follow,   says in One big secret about motivation)- why am I sad ? Because I thought I was writing very well and no one seems to want to hire me. Suppose I have no talent ? Suppose I  am wasting my time ? Why should I work ? I am not going to be successful as others. Now these feelings were distracting me.

Lets see if I can bring my writing life back on track.

According to Timothy, I need to create movement in order for the old, stagnant thoughts to flow away and bring new thoughts into my brain. Now how can I create movement ?

I decided to get on my exercise machine and move a bit ? May be my head needs a good shaking. It is possible that I need a change of scene or someone new in my life to talk to me about new things. Maybe I need to read a new book. I decide to read the most inspirational book of all time and see if I could get some ideas. True enough I got a few titles for articles or prompts for new writings and even ideas to start writing inspirational- beauty for ashes, order from chaos and curse without cause are a few of them. Can you guess which book it was that I read ?

After a short nap and a rejuvenated spirit, here I am with my creative juices running, ideas galore, confidence boosted like I have had an energy shot and writing again.

IT worked .